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Inversion Table Reviews

Finding a quality inversion table can seem like quite the daunting task, especially if you have never owned one before. Finding unbiased inversion table reviews can seem quite exhausting as well. Don’t worry, as the inversion industry is an amazing industry with some of the greatest brands and greatest products. Each brand will try and push you to buy from them of course and it takes some research to find that perfect inversion table that provides the most benefits.

I know what you are thinking….  Here comes another sales pitch! I hope this doesn’t sound like a sales pitch because that’s not how we want to come across as you read this review. Simply put, we are an unbiased retailer who has done their research (quite a bit to be exact) and we sell a host of different brands that actually work. We dug up reviews and customer testimonials on each of our brands and products and we compiled what we thought would be the best selection of products for our customers. We might not sell every inversion table on the market but why would we? We don’t offer anything on our site that we would not buy or have not purchased ourselves. Being health enthusiasts ourselves, we want only the best for each and every one of you. And no,  we are not just saying that! 

In this inversion table review, we will give the run down on the top brands and the top products which will ultimately give you the most bang for your buck. These are unbiased based on our past customers as well as customer ratings across the web. If you decide the information is not sufficient, no problem!  We are here to provide the info and it is up to you if you decide to purchase an inversion table or not. We are just huge advocates of inversion therapy just wanting to share these benefits with the world. All we ask is that you take the time to read and learn about inversion therapy. We hope you enjoy!

Why Buy from us?

You may see "big name dealers" selling inversion equipment at extremely low prices and you think, “why not just go with one of those?  They offer great prices.”

"Big Name Stores" definitely do offer great prices because they get the best rates from the manufacturers. But what these stores do not have, is a staff of experts waiting to help you find the best inversion table according to your personal needs. They have too many products to be experts in all of their products. That is where we come in. You can call us Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm EST at 1-866-855-0671 with all your questions and we will be happy to assist you with making the best choice for you. Don't let the cheaper prices mislead you: our prices include Free Shipping. For the most big retailers, you have to drive to the store, search for a parking spot, wait in line and pick up the inversion table. With us, you conveniently buy online from your home and we deliver the inversion table of your choice at your door. Even after your purchase, we will help you with your after sales requests. At Inversiontableselect we take care of our customers!

Best Price - Top Brands

With months of research under our belt trying to find the best brands to offer, we finally came down to a select few which we sell consistently. The top two that we will discuss are "Health Mark" & "Ironman". 

Ironman has been a leader in inversion therapy equipment for years and their name says it all. We have found Ironman to be very reliable and the tables are constructed with only the highest quality materials. Ironman does feature some inexpensive inversion tables for those starting out and other advanced tables for the more experienced. Since we started working with Ironman, we expect the only best from them and you will receive the best as a result. inversion table reviews

Our number one selling Ironman Inversion Table is the Ironman Essex990. This inversion table is most likely the most sold inversion table online because of its super affordable price and its effectiveness of relieving back pain. This inversion table is very comfortable with a quality padded backrest and an easily adjustable frame to fit any height. This table is a perfect beginner inversion table and does exactly what you would want an inversion table to do. This product is definitely inexpensive but it is far from cheap. This table is a true bargain!  

Our other top selling brand is Health Mark. Health Mark is a lesser known brand name but that doesn’t mean these tables don’t work as well as the rest. What we love about Health Mark is how comfortable these tables are. 

Our number one selling inversion table by Health Mark is the Health Mark Pro Inversion Table. Now, this inversion table does not have the same hype as the Ironman Essex990, however this table does just about everything the Essex990 does and then some!  The Health Mark Pro Inversion Table is a bit more expensive but many of our customers like the setup better and have said that it can be quite a bit more comfortable. This table comes with an angle adjustment belt for setting the angle of inversion and easy to grab handles for effortless transitions in and out of inversion. 

This table is perfect for those looking to get a bit more use for their money and looking to start off with an inversion table that is a step up from a beginner’s table. 

If price is the main concern for you, we are confident that the two tables above will do justice and serve you for years to come. If price is not the only thing you are concerned about, then our inversion tables below might serve you better.

For price, the Essex990 and the Health Mark Pro Inversion Table are the two top choices.

Best Investment

For those looking to get really serious about inversion therapy, the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table is the holy grail when it comes to inversion tables. One of the biggest reasons customers choose the Health Mark Pro Max is because of the ability to lie face down or face up while inverting. This can provide more benefits as it allows for better spinal decompression, a better full body stretch and a more comfortable way to invert. Just having the option to lie face down or face up gives this inversion table the edge over the rest. 

If inversion therapy is going to be an important aspect of your life, we suggest looking at inversion therapy as an investment in your health. If you are ready to make an ideal investment in your health, the Health Mark Pro Max will be everything you have ever needed. Learn more about the Pro Max Inversion Table.

Top Ab Training Inversion Table

Inversion Table Reviews

If you are looking for an inversion table for more advanced workouts or specifically to strengthen the core, then our Atis 4000 Ab Training Inversion Table is just what you need. As you know inversion tables can relieve stress, reduce back and neck pain and much more but many also use inversion therapy for working out. The Atis 4000 is the perfect Ab machine!  Never do sit ups again as you can invert while doing ab workouts. The best thing about doing ab exercises on an inversion table is your back is completely secure making it much safer with less risk to pulling a muscle or staining the back. This is a bit more advanced inversion table and may take some time to learn the workouts, but in the end you will have a stronger core while having all the other great inversion benefits. 

Infrared Heat Therapy Tables

For those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, the Ironman FIR500 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table is exactly what you need. This inversion table is more than just your normal inversion table as it uses infrared heat to heat up the backrest to a comfortable temperature, which will provide a soothing relaxation. If inversion therapy wasn’t relaxing enough, the infrared heat therapy will really put you into that totally relaxed frame of mind. Simply invert or just lie on the table and let your muscles enjoy a safe, soothing feeling. Learn more about the Ironman FIR500 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table.

Inversion Chairs

Inversion chairs are very similar to inversion tables with the only difference being the participant will sit in a chair while inverting, instead of lying completely flat on a table. Many past customers have enjoyed an inversion chair because lying down completely flat didn’t feel comfortable for them. It really comes down to preference as some enjoy lying down instead of sitting. 

Our best selling inversion chair is the Health Mark Core Inversion Chair which will do everything that an inversion table will do and we suggest if you really want to sit while inverting, this is the chair for you.

Final Thoughts

Inversion therapy works... Finding the ideal inversion table can feel daunting but it definitely doesn’t have to be hard. Really, it comes down to how serious you are and how particular you are about something you are going to be using for years to come. Remember, inversion tables are only a small part of living a healthier life. Let inversion therapy give you the inspiration and the motivation to living a healthier life. I can say that inversion therapy can get you on that path but it is up to you to make that choice.

We hope you enjoyed this review and we also hope you gained some knowledge about inversion therapy. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us through the contact form. We look forward to helping you get on the right path to a stress and pain free life!

Questions?  Call Us at 1 (866) 855-0671 from 9am - 5 pm EST