5 Common Causes of Back Pain You Should Avoid

Is your back killing you? Well, you are not alone. Back pain affects a surprisingly large number of people throughout the world. While it is not a life-threatening situation, back pain, especially chronic conditions can decrease the quality of your life manifolds.

The good news is, back pain can be avoided and managed (if you are suffering already) with some simple lifestyle modifications. So, here are five common causes of back pain you should avoid.

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  1. Sitting for a long period of time

Well, almost all of us are guilty of this crime. If you have an office job, where you have to sit at your desk throughout the day, you are no stranger to back pains.

Long sitting Log period

This common mistake can be avoided in a number of ways. Simply getting up from your desk and stretching your legs once in a while is enough to keep back pain at bay in such a situation.

If you have the choice, opting for a standing desk can make a huge difference too. Remember to stretch a little every two hours, to keep your muscles relaxed and spine healthy.

  1. Lifting heavy objects without practice

You must have heard the expression “put your back in it”. The fact is, when you lift heavy objects, much of the pressure is borne by your back muscles and spine. And when you lift heavy objects without any prior practice, your back comes under a lot of pressure which it is not used to.

So, start by exercising your back muscles first. And, only when you are strong enough to handle heavy weights, try the lifting.

  1. Wrong mattress

Sleeping on the wrong mattress is one of the most common causes of back pain you should avoid. While purchasing mattresses, oftentimes we go ahead with the softest one. As a result, the spine does not get proper support while sleeping. So, you wake up with aching back.

While you may ignore the issue right now, if not taken proper precaution, this may lead to further spinal deformity and chronic pain in the future. Taking proper precaution while buying the mattress is crucial here. Go for a mattress which is comfortable, but offers good support to your back and spine too.

In case you are suffering from chronic back pains, you might as well discuss the choice of the mattress with your doctor.

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  1. Wrong sleeping position

Well, most people develop a preferred sleeping position early in life. And if the sleeping position is wrong, it creates unnecessary pressure on your back and spine, creating pain and discomfort.

While changing the sleeping position completely may not easy for you, you can definitely make a few modifications to support your spine while sleeping. Avoid sleeping in a position that puts pressure on your back and neck. Similarly, sleeping face down may also cause neck and upper back pain.

  1. Wrong posture

Like a sleeping position, posture is another thing that you develop early in life. Sitting in the wrong posture not only result in back pain but also can lead to spinal deformity over a long run. The best way to ensure that you are maintaining proper posture is to sit on a chair with the straight back.

You may keep your feet on a small stool to ensure that your knees are in a higher position than your hips. While standing keeping your head up and stomach pulled in will help you maintain the correct posture.

Wrong Posture

So, these are the five common causes of back pain you should avoid. The fact is most people among us are guilty of one or more of these mistakes.

However, you can get rid of these unhealthy habits and save yourself a lot of pain with a bit of mindfulness. Start avoiding these common causes today and walk towards building a healthier back.

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