5 Effective Inversion Table Exercises and Stretches for You

Exercise can do wonders for your health and fitness level. I’m sure you’ve heard this time and again. But, like most clichés, this one is true too. And exercising on an inversion table can give you visible benefits like magic. Yes, you heard it right! Your inversion table can turn into a meaningful exercise tool if used properly.

So, don’t just use it to relieve your back pain, start exercising on it to build core strength and improve your overall fitness level. Here are 5 effective inversion table exercises and stretches to get you started!

  1. Intermittent Inversion

This is a very light stretching exercise that you do while hanging on the inversion table. This stretch basically warms up the body and makes it flexible for heavier exercises that you may want to practice.

Get yourself strapped to the inversion table. Slowly tilt your body to 30-degree angle. Hold the position for 1 minute and come back to the normal position. In case you feel uncomfortable or dizzy, come back to the neutral position. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal for beginners.

Now, take some deep breaths, and tilt your body to 45-degree angle. Hold the position for 1 minute and come back to the neutral position.

Similarly, intermittently tilt your body to 60 degrees and finally 90-degree angle while holding the position for 1 minute each time.

This will stretch your muscles and make them supple for the heavy workouts later.

  1. Inverted Squats

We are all more or less familiar with squats. Inverted squats are a more effective version of it. Here’s how to perform it.

Come to the fully inverted position. Now, use your glutes and hamstrings muscles to pull yourself up. And gently come to a relaxed position. This exercise is highly effective for your glutes and legs. However, you need to be completely comfortable with inversion before you try this.

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  1. Inverted Crunches

Come to the fully inverted position. Place your hands across your chest. Now use your abs muscles to pull your upper torso up towards your feet. The aim is to lift one-third of the torso up. But, it’s okay if you cannot do this in the beginning. With practice, your core strength will improve and you would be able to do better.

A word of caution, attempt this exercise only if you are confident about your fitness level. In case, you have any serious problems in your upper back, inverted crunches is not a good idea.

  1. Inverted Sit-ups

This is pretty similar to inverted crunches. Working on your abdomen and back muscles, this exercise strengthens your core and tighten your ads. So, if you are looking at building killer abs, then this is the one to for.

Being one of the 5 effective inversion table exercises and stretches, this one is way more effective than your regular sit-up. Here’s how to do it.

Come to the fully inverted position. Extend your hands and reach for your feet. Touch the toes if you can. In case, you cannot yet, keep practicing; you’ll get there. Now slowly roll back and come to the inverted position again.

B Inversion Table

  1. Inverted Rotation

This is a great stretching exercise that improves the flexibility of your back muscles and helps to relieve back pain. The best thing is, this one is pretty easy to perform and anyone can do this, no matter their fitness level.

Simply hang in the completely inverted position. Now, reach for the left table leg with your right hand and pull yourself to give a good twist to your spine. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds and come back to the neutral position. Repeat with your left hand.

This exercise gives your spine a great twist and offers instant comfort from back pain.

So, these are 5 effective inversion table exercises and stretches that you can start practicing. Don’t just use your inversion table for hanging; use it to its full potential, convert it in a total fitness machine.

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