Advanced Inversion tables

Do all the inversion tables need to be the same? Certainly not, because the issues differ from person to person and the features of the inversion tables also vary from model to model.

Some people will question that we just need to lengthen our spine or correct our posture, do we need to buy an inversion table for it? Yes, buying an inversion table will not be a bad choice at all because it will improve your blood circulation, breathing, relieve stress, etc. that will be great for your overall health.

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However, inversion tables are ideal for the individuals who are facing spine issues, back pains, back spasms, etc. and an advanced level inversion table is needed to solve all such issues.

Here we are talking about the inversion tables that are engineered with the latest technologies and features like heat massage therapy, vibration therapeutic technology, etc.

Therefore, you not only get a healthy inversion therapy but also gain the other benefits of massage therapy in which a regular inversion table cannot provide.

Finding the right type of inversion table with advanced features is harder than finding a regular inversion table because here you will have to compare relatively lesser models with almost similar kind of features and design.

We understand this and do not wish to leave any space for confusion in your minds. We have researched countless such advanced table, reviewed them from others and even tried some of them on our own to bring the best of the lot!

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Here are the inversion tables which appealed to us the most:

Body Xtreme Fitness Therapeutic Inversion Table (Heat + Massage Pad)

Multiple benefits in one Body Xtreme Fitness Therapeutic Inversion Table is the product of the Body Xtreme Fitness, an American company that manufactures fitness equipment and activewear.

This inversion table looks like the seat of a racing car but has more to it other than the looks!

Therapeutic Inversion Table.jpg

Advanced inversion therapy

Body Xtreme Fitness Therapeutic Inversion Table provides advanced inversion therapy as it is equipped with a heat and therapeutic massage pad that provides ultimate relief to the user.

It eliminates back pain, reduces lower back issues, improves blood circulation and enhances spine flexibility.


Engineered with soft and smooth touch foam handlebars, this inversion table provides convenience to the users while getting up from inversion therapy.

Sufficiently padded backrest ensures that you do not face any discomfort while resting. The ankle bars are sufficiently cushioned and the footpad is comfortable enough to provide a secure and comfortable inversion.


This inversion table comes with 4 pin-hole systems which allows you to adjust the inversion as per your requirement. The massage therapy can be availed in two modes – auto and manual.


This heavy-duty model is designed to be stable and thanks to the firm rubber floor stabilizers, the table does not move or shake while inverting.


The weight-bearing capacity of up to 280 pounds and the ability to adjust individuals with a height ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches makes this machine suitable for everyone.


This Body Xtreme Fitness Inversion Table comes with a unique fold-roll design which makes it convenient for storage purpose.

  • Comes with an anti-sweat cooling towel for extra comfort
  • Lightweight as compared to traditional inversion tables
  • Large energy foam padding
  • Provides maximum relief in a short span
  • Completely stable construction
  • Requires a while to get used to heat + massage inversion

Therapeutic Inversion Table


We found this inversion table to be superiorly comfortable and it provides an efficient heat massage technique that relaxes spines, elongates it smoothly and relieves lower back pains.

The folding method is perfect and the inversion is almost seamless. One session of inversion is just not enough as we fall in love with the ultra-relaxing massage therapy.


Nothing has fallen in the wrong place for this inversion table, not even the pricing part. It is one of the most reasonable inversion tables in this category and most of the buyers have got their money’s worth after experiencing it. Certainly a buyable product for everyone!


Body Xtreme Fitness Inversion Table, Advanced Heat, and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table: Ultra relaxing & advanced features

Another advanced inversion table by Body Xtreme Fitness, this model is getting a lot of attention from the buyers. It is perfect in every aspect which makes it one of our favorites as well.

Therapeutic Inversion Table.jpg

Think we are crazy? Just look at its features:

Removable vibration massage pad

Some of us do not need heat massage inversion therapy all the time. Bored with it? Remove it and experience a simple inversion therapy without the heat and massage add-ons.


Along with the multiple benefits to the back muscles, nerves, and spine, this machine is also ideal for getting relief from headaches, back spasms, etc. Moreover, you get to incline your body in three inversion angles which proves to be very effective for quick healing of your back.


The cushioned footrest is comfortable and provides a seamless experience during prolonged sessions. The energy foam backrest is nicely padded to support your body weight and is wide enough to make you feel comfortable.

The handle is long enough to make you feel comfortable and safe while going in the inverted position. Also, the headrest is adjustable, comforting and does not cause any inconvenience in the neck or the back of your head.

Ankle support & footrest

Body Xtreme Fitness Inversion Tables come with a bar ankle support system in which a set of bars hold your ankle firmly in between them so that you can invest confidently.

These bars are covered with cylindrical cushions to avoid any discomfort to your ankles. The footrest is firm, wobble-free and ideal for long stays.


Do not worry about the storage part as this model can be easily folded and its lightweight construction makes it convenient to move.


This heavy-duty specimen is durable and its solid construction makes it weather resistant as well. Moreover, the firm floor stabilizers ensure that you do not feel shaky while using it.

  • 3 inversion angles
  • Ergonomic backrest design
  • Height adjustable
  • A capacity of handling 280lbs with ease
  • The heat massage pad requires some time to heat up to the desired level

Therapeutic Inversion Table


This inversion table is rock solid, wobble-free and provides auto and manual mode for massage therapy. The inversion therapy is very effective and we found it had a healing effect on the back. Comfortable, innovative and ready-to-use, this model has no drawbacks at all.


This is an excellent option for everyone who wishes something extra with their inversion table. The pricing is budget-friendly and looks are perfect to suit any modern gym or treatment center. It would provide great value for money and can be used both personally and professionally.

Buyer’s guide

We have provided you with the reviews of some of the most advanced, effective and modern inversion table. Now it is time to have a look at the key features that you should be looking for before buying one.

These are the key features to be considered by a buyer:


Backrest material and design have proved to be a game-changer and therefore, many elite brands have focused on making their tables more supportive and comfortable to the user.

The backrest or backboard as it is sometimes called should be sufficiently padded and must be designed with an additional cover to protect it from wearing off. Also, its dimensions should be such that you can rest your back conveniently.

Ankle support

Ankles and feet are in the most awkward situation when you are in an inverted position. Therefore, you need an inversion table that provides proper support, safety and comfort to ankles and feet. The ankle support must have firm cuffs but they can’t be too tight or it will end up hurting you.

You will find two types of inversion tables in the online market – one with ankle straps and one with bar holders. You can try out both the types to decide which one is the best for you. Also, the footrest must be firm and comfortable to avoid any discomfort to the feet.

Remember you need to feel safe and confident while inverting which can be provided only by an ideal inversion table.


Comfort is not only provided by ankle holders, backrests or footpads, but the inversion table itself should provide a safe and comfortable feeling to the user.

Your body parts should not be too restricted while inverting and there must be scope for free movement of the arms. Go for the inversion tables that provide you with an overall secure and safe experience.


We recommend you to cross-check the materials twice or thrice before choosing an inversion table. The simple reason for this is that you need to be 100 percent safe while resting upside down.

Almost all the inversion tables are built to be safe but you will also have to check that you assemble the parts in the right manner to avoid any complication later.


The best part with the modern inversion tables is that most of them can be folded conveniently. However, you must look out for the tables that get compact after folding so that you can place them in a confined space.

Design & Capacity

You may be moderately heavy or mediocre in height and may be wondering what all the tables might be the same for you.

But here’s the kicker, most of the tables are designed for all the ranges but only a few ones provide maximum benefits to all weight and height groups.

Therefore, you must definitely try out these inversion tables for yourself or go through several customer reviews to get an idea about the inversion table you like.

Warranty & Budget

An inversion table can cost you anything between 100$ to 1500$. However, there is no need to spend so much just because you have enough money. A decent inversion table equipped with all the latest features and innovations should cost you between 200$ to 600$.

The warranty of the product differs from company to company. Some of the brands offer 6 months warranty while some are offering a warranty for up to 5 years.

Benefits of using an inversion table

The benefits of using inversion tables on a regular basis are far more than you think. People have used the inversion therapy from hundreds of year but scientific studies and researches have confirmed it to be true and the term inversion got introduced in the public domain.

So what are the benefits one could expect from his or her inversion table? Let’s get started!

Decompresses spine

It is the most natural benefit which comes even with the basic models. In an inverted position, the gravity pulls and stretches your spine to restore the space between your vertebrae.

As a result, the moisture of the discs is restored and your spine gets more flexible which ultimately helps in the free movement of your body parts.

Eases out back pain

As your spine gets more flexible and the moisture content between the discs increases, the nerves that pass through your spine get relaxed which relieves you from the back pain as well.

Realigns spine and improves posture

Inversion therapy allows the cramped muscles to free and relax which in return realigns the spine into its natural position. This also improves your posture and your body structure regains its aesthetics to some extent.

Relaxes joints

When the body is in an inverted position, the joints free up and relax. This creates space for lubrication between joints which reduces the risk of joint pains and relieves the joint pain if any!

Smoothens blood circulation

Our heart pumps oxygenated blood to all the parts of our body and pumps back the deoxygenated blood for blood purification.

However, gravity acts against this system and restricts the blood from reaching the higher parts to some extent. Inversion allows the body to relax for a while and assists the blood vessels in carrying blood and oxygen effectively to all these parts.

Fortifies strength

Most of these inversion tables allow you to fortify your core strength by performing exercises such as crunches, inverted squats, etc.

Now as we have understood the major benefits of using an inversion table we will also learn how to use it.

Step 1: Choose a perfect location

A flat floor is all we need to position our inversion table perfectly. However, ensure that there is enough space to move your hands freely after inverting and also see to it that there is no obstruction while you are inverting.

Step 2: Adjust the inversion

Now that we have positioned our table, it is time to adjust it according to our height. An ideal position will have your back, head, and feet in the right places.

Step 3: Fasten the safety straps

Don’t forget to fasten the safety straps before going in inversion. See to it that your ankles are locked correctly and feet are in a comfortable position. Read instructions of the user manual properly if you are a beginner.

Step 4: Invert slowly

Now that you have all the safety straps locked and are feeling comfortable to take a turn upside down, make sure that the process is a slow one.

Don’t flip the table at once, take your own time and allow the body to adjust to the inverted position. You can have someone to supervise this process if you are a beginner.

The bottom line is that you should gain the experience of using the inversion table safely.


The skill to choose a perfect inversion table according to your needs and requirements is not an alien skill. Have a little determination and patience to observe different models and don’t forget to analyze them according to your requirement.

Last but not least; cultivate the habit of rating and sharing your experiences honestly to help others find an ideal inversion table for themselves!

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