Amazing Physical Health Benefits of Hanging Upside Down

Reverse gravity has a way of making your life awesome. Don’t believe me? Well, there are a number of physical health benefits of hanging upside down that can prove it to you. Hanging upside down or inversion has become the new wellness mantra for many. And, for good reason too! Handing upside down with an inversion table or any other equipment offers a host of benefits, such as stress relief, decreased back pain, improved strength, better flexibility and so on.

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So, let’s take a look at how hanging upside down can enhance the quality of your life:

  1. Back Pain Relief

Gravitation pull compresses our spine to a certain extent. This is why you feel the urge to stretch after standing for long hours. When gravitational pull compresses your spine, the space between each vertebra gets reduced. Hence the discomfort and pain.

The pain is excruciating for most people with herniated discs or any other spinal deformity. Hanging upside down creates a reverse gravity situation for your body.

Hanging Upside Down

And the same gravitational pull works towards decompressing the spine, increasing space between vertebrae, removing pressure from nerve endings and relaxing the muscles supporting the spine. As a result, your back pain reduces significantly.

  1. Improved Core Strength

Many people find it beneficial to exercise while hanging upside down. You can perform exercises such as crunches, push-ups and even lift the weight while hanging.

This way, your core muscles are working against gravity too. Result? You get to see benefits real fast. However, if you are new to inversion, wait until you are completely comfortable with hanging upside down before attempting any exercises while inverted. Exercising in the inverted position may be a hit harder.

But, you get faster and better results without a doubt.

  1. Stress Reduction

Many people find inversion to be stress-relieving. A lot of people who regularly engage in some form of inversion therapy find it the best time to meditate and clear their mind from stress and anxiety.

If you are starting out, it may take some time to get used to the sensations of hanging upside down, but with a little persistence, you can reap the mental and physical health benefits of hanging upside down.

  1. Improved Brain Function and Focus

When you hang upside down, oxygenated blood rushes to your head. Well, it may feel a bit funny at the beginning, but as you get used to the sensation, you’ll feel your brain to be more alert and focused.

The rush of oxygen-rich bloody provides the extra fuel to your brain, making you instantly focused. The results include better balance, clarity of thoughts and over brain health.

  1. Better Posture

Hanging upside down works on your spine and gradually heal any deformities while strengthening the back muscles. Moreover, your core gets stronger too. Especially, if you perform some exercises such as crunches.

All this culminates into improving your posture and preventing further back and spinal problems.

Hanging upside down not only works on your back pain but also promotes overall physical and mental wellbeing. And today there are several methods such as inversion chair or inverted yoga that you can opt for. Start inversion therapy today to enjoy the amazing physical health benefits hanging upside down.

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