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B Inversion Table

Inversion tables Have you ever faced a back pain in your life? If no we would pray that you never have to go through this experience. Back pains are usually the after-effects of an accident, bad sitting or standing position, along with numerous other physical and biological aspects. The excruciating pain does not subside completely …

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Natural pain relieving smoothie

Natural pain relieving smoothie

Smoothies & Back Pain: Blend different natural ingredients and spices into a smoothie and reduce inflammation to a great extent. Yes, this is possible if you use the inflammation curbing foods such as pineapple, walnuts, ginger, turmeric, etc. Best time to have a Smoothie? Early morning is the best time to have a smoothie and …

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Effective rub oil with frankincense oil

Effective rub oil with frankincense oil

Brief History of Frankincense Oil: Frankincense oil was used to elevate the spiritual experiences in the ancient world. However, today we know it as effective oil that heals both body and mind!   Benefits of Frankincense Oil: Frankincense oil can heal depression, cure stress and even fortifies our immunity. Inhaling the oil improves our respiratory …

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Fenugreek seeds cream

Botanical history of Fenugreek Seeds

Botanical history of Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek seeds are the fruits of the annual fenugreek herb which is also used as a vegetable in some Asian and American countries. It was predominantly found in West Asia and southeast Europe but many countries are cultivating it now due to its medicinal properties. Benefits of using Fenugreek Seeds: …

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White willow bark tea

White willow bark tea

Why use White Willow Bark? White willow bark is deemed to be good for curing headaches, body pain, and even arthritis. It is often referred to as “Miracle drug” as it is one of the widely researched and used by pharmaceutical companies all around the world. Caution: Do not overuse the bits of white willow …

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