Bask In The Comfort Of The Teeter EP-560

With the patented wraps that are to be fit around the Ankle cups so that they can provide ultimate support, the Teeter EP-560 is the ultimate equipment that is meant to cure the back pain, spasm, muscle tension, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and many more similar issues.

Due to its improved technology designed to provide ultimate comfort to the people, the Teeter EP-560 is an equipment that will set the parameters for a person’s comfort. Weighing around 58.2 pounds, it is designed keeping in mind the comfort that it needs to provide the people using it.

The device has a comfort rak bed that can optimize the stretch with a shape that is countered and flexible and a smooth surface. There are also grips that are present in the bed. The frame can provide some additional stretching and traction options.

It also has the rotation system which will help you to have complete control over the rotation simply by the movement of the arms which is quite convenient and makes the return to the upright position easy.

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About The Equipment

Teeter is an inversion table that is available on the market which is FDA-Cleared. This device is designed in a way so that it can cure any ache in the back, sciatica, herniated disc and many other kinds of health issues. The inversion tables sold by Teeter can be trusted with a legacy of 35-years.

It also comes along with other facilities like a warranty of 5 years, assembly of the product which is completely hassle-free, sheer precision in engineering and also safety certified by the third party that is marked with the label that is listed UL.

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The significance of the label that is listed UL, is that the table is capable of outperforming any kind of competition that it faces in terms of rotational security and also endurance.

The steel parts of the equipment are treated with heat so that they provide durability and unmatched security.

Why Should You Purchase This Equipment

The inversion table is designed in a way so as to provide relaxation and traction to a person’s spine while the paraspinal muscles are being stretched.

It is designed for any pain in the back, issues related to muscle tension, “degenerative disc disease,” the curvature of the spine due to the tightness of the muscles, facet syndrome and muscle spasms.

The durability and robustness of the product can be ensured.

The products undergo a number of tests for rotation control, for endurance and are also easy to assemble. The uses of all the materials that are of the high grade ensure the strength and durability of the product.

They have features of patented security like cam locks, hinges that can be auto-locked and the steel parts are all heat- treated.

What Are The Factors That Need To Be Taken Into Consideration While Buying Inversion Table

While purchasing an inversion table, the first and foremost requirement is safety. One has to be sure that the device is capable of holding the buyer and his family very reliably and in a secured manner.

Some of the other factors that determine its worth are discussed below:

  1. It has to be FDA registered: While you are buying equipment that will help you take care of your health, you have to make sure that it is capable of providing all the benefits that you expect to get out of it. A good third-party review as given by some renowned organizations like FDA is a great method of verifying all the benefits of the inversion table.
  2. Certification by a Third Party: If the inversion table has the UL Certification by some third party, then it is completely reliable and safe to be used. The UL Certification works as a stamp of approval which ensures the reliability of the product. The UL certified inversion tables are made to go through a large number of stimulated use-cycles. At the time of these cycles, it is tested that the closure of the ankle is capable of withstanding rotations as many as 30,000 as well as a number of locking functions.
  3. Comparison of Product: Although most of the inversion tables may appear to be similar on the surface, one has to look closely into the various aspects before buying it. A thorough comparison has to be conducted among all the similar inversion tables. Their qualities need to be assessed thoroughly before being purchased. If an inversion table is cheap, then it is cheap for some reason.
  4. Ease of Assembly and Use: An inversion table has to be very convenient to assemble and use. Many cheap brands don’t facilitate complete control over the rotation during inversion. Always opt for a device that is an amalgam of great control as well as balance.
  5. Warranty: warranty is one of the most important promises that are made by a brand while selling a product. Any brand of inversion table which has a warranty for one or two years doesn’t seem quite confident about their performance. It is always wise to opt for the tables that have a warranty of at least five years.

However, the device doesn’t provide any medical advice or treatment or diagnosis. So before beginning any exercise, one should always consult a physician.

Benefits Of Using Inversion Table

  • The use of inversion therapy has a large number of benefits. After years of research, the doctors, scientists and physical therapists have realized that inversion therapy has an extreme range of health benefits.
  • The inversion position involves a posture where one’s feet are above the head. One of the positions is the Dolphin pose which is a popular form of yoga. In the Dolphin pose, the head, as well as the feet, remain grounded, but the heart is in a position that is elevated from the ground.
  • This inverted position of the body helps to reverse all the effects of gravity. This treatment is one of the most effective ways to cure back pain, aging processes, reducing mental stress, detoxification and much more. Inversion therapy using such a table may be beneficial for the people who are suffering from poor circulation, scoliosis, sciatica and a chronic ache in the lower back.
  • All those who have used the inversion table are of the opinion that this technique is very effective in preventing as well as resolving any kind of back problems. Circulatory benefits, as well as stretching, can put an end to any kind of health issue that might arise in the future. The inversion therapy helps to create a larger amount of protective fluids surrounding the spinal discs, leading to an increase in the rate of circulation of blood through the surrounding muscles.

Here Are Some Of The Potential Benefits Of Using The Inversion Table:

  1. Reducing the back pain: Inversion therapy when practiced in 3 sets of 3 minutes at separate angles is very beneficial in reducing chronic pain in the lower back. This also gives improved strength and flexibility of the torso.
  2. Improved health of the spine: Inversion table is also very beneficial in improving the space in between the discs of the spine and hence helps to relieve the pressure. There are a number of activities like running, sitting, bending which tend to apply pressure on the discs. Any kind of pressure on the discs will directly affect your posture. It also decreases risks for collapsed vertebra, back pain and many other kinds of complications.
  3. An increase in flexibility: Inversion therapy also helps to translate to a better kind of body flexibility. The micro-movements in our spine are sure to make our body very strong. It will help you to bend easily. This proves to be very beneficial for those who do desk work.
  4. Reduction in the need for surgery: Studies prove that an inversion of nature zero gravity, proves to be very useful in reducing the compression. Compression can effectively reduce the risk of disability caused by back problems and therefore, the requirement for spinal surgery is also reduced to a great extent.

How Is It Convenient To Use 

This Inversion table is extremely convenient to use. All you have to do is just set the height, then lock the ankles and recline for a relaxing experience. The movement of the arms can shift the weight of the body for better overall control over rotation with extremely less effort.

The safety tether which is adjustable allows the convenience of rotational control as well as easy adjustability. The secure lockout in full inversion will help in advanced stretching and exercises.

It is very easy to store- no disassembly is required. All the main components need to be clicked, and you’re good to go! Hence, bring home the inversion table and stay in the pink of your health.

 Teeter EP-560

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