Benefits and tips regarding inversion tables that are a surely a gem in the crown of inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy has a lot of benefits because it is performed using inversion tables. So in combination, both the inversion tables as well as the inversion therapy will have some common benefits. Let’s explore some of them :

  • First of all inversion tables are one of the biggest tools in curing the issues of severe back pain or muscular pain or even your spinal pain. When you lay back on the table and recline at a certain angle, it releases all the muscular tensions developed in your back region and gives you relief from all the pain that you are suffering from. It also helps in the proper alignment of the spinal discs as well.
  • Using an inversion table and frequently indulging in inversion therapy helps to improve the overall blood circulation in the body. It maintains a healthy heart as it pumps the blood much more efficiently to various parts of the body and therefore optimizes and improves the overall health of that person.
  • Using an inversion table is also very useful in case of improving the body’s lymphatic system. It increases the rate by which your body removes wastes from the body. As a result, you get a much better body cleansing mechanism, and usually, that dirt or waste products are removed from the body which is a major source of that pain.
  • Often it is seen that while the normal human body function, the muscles develop certain tension in between them. So an inversion table is really beneficial in eliminating that tension which is often the root cause of pain in the muscles.
  • Using an inversion table and performing inversion therapy is really very beneficial for maintaining the overall posture of the body. Apart from that it also helps in the maintenance of body alignment.

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Some of the useful tips that anyone can follow in order to get the best results from your inversion therapy using an inversion table :

  • Never overdo your inversion therapy. Always make your time range of anything in between 2 minutes to 10 minutes. Also, do for as long as you are comfortable. This is because you will be inverted most of the time during your inversion therapy. A continuous shift in body positions due to reclining at multiple angles might cause you dizziness, or cause your body to release more energy. SO if you are not comfortable for more than 2 minutes, just do for 2 minutes and take rest for some time. Always take the strength of your body into consideration while indulging in inversion therapy.
  • When you do ahead rotation on both sides during an inversion therapy session, it leads to much better body oscillation and stretches your body much more effectively. You will also be doing inversion crunches for a certain time period during this phase which will also release tension developed around your head or shoulder areas.
  • Inversion therapy is also much more effective when performed under proper guidance or a trainer’s assistance. It is also beneficial in treating sciatica pain by reducing the back compression due to anti-gravity. As a result, the pressure around the nerves decreases and it gives you proper relief from any kind of pain in the nerves.
  • The use of the inversion table increases the blood flow around the head region. As a result, more blood gets accumulated in the brain. Due to this, the pressure around the brain increases and often causes headaches. This might be uncomfortable for some people. So special care must be taken while performing inversion therapy in order to prevent any kind of mishap or unwanted scenario to the body and overall health.
  • Inversion therapy is strictly prohibited for pregnant ladies. Never ever indulge in using  The inversion table if you are pregnant.
  • While performing inversion therapy it is better to wear good quality socks and shoes. This is because while performing inversion therapy you might develop some pain in the ankles. Apart from that, you can also do sideways tractions or oscillation while performing inversion therapy so that you are able to change the inversion position and perform much better.
  • lastly, while you start your inversion therapy, There is certain adjustment given at the foot of the inversion table. Make that as per requirement in order to maintain a comfortable position for your foot and ankles.

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