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Inversion tables

Have you ever faced a back pain in your life? If no we would pray that you never have to go through this experience. Back pains are usually the after-effects of an accident, bad sitting or standing position, along with numerous other physical and biological aspects. The excruciating pain does not subside completely even after undergoing surgery and doctors recommend some exercises that normally include suspending your body in an inverted position.

No, you don’t have to hang yourself upside down on a tree branch like a monkey. All you need is an inversion table to securely relax your body in an inverted position.

What is an inversion table?

An inversion table is a resting bed that consists of levers to adjust your sleeping position angles and ankle straps to hold you firmly while you are sleeping upside down.

Various benefits of using inversion tables are:

  • Reduces back pain, disc pain, sciatic nerve pains, etc
  • Provides relief from osteoarthritis pain, headaches, and much more
  • Improves flexibility, posture, & joint health
  • Strengthens ligaments restores spine alignment & energize the body
  • Improves breathing, respiratory system & blood circulation
  • Boosts mental health by reducing stress, depression and mood swings
  • Increases digestion power, flexes and tones facial muscles, & improves digestion

The online market is crowded with thousands of inversion tables each of which is different in terms of quality, design, and functionality. Finding the right kind of inversion table is an uphill task for a visitor who has to browse numerous websites in order to find a perfect device. However, our visitors do not have to face this inconvenience as we have researched and gone through countless specimens to enlighten you about the best inversion tables available in the online market right now!

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Here is the updated list of the best inversion tables [June 2018]

With enhanced comfort level and ability to bear higher weight, Innova ITX9600 outperforms the earlier version Innova ITX9300 in various departments. Some of its key features are:

Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat And Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table.jpg


Innova ITX9600 is a heavy duty inversion table that is made to be tough, durable and weatherproof. The premium quality steel tubing imparts a long-lasting quality to it and has an enormous potential of handling up to 300lbs of weight with ease.


It comes with a customizable headrest that can be tilted as per your comfort requirements. Six types of adjustable positions, ergonomic ankle locks, and cushioned backrest impart a soothing comfort to the user. Extra-wide and padded bed, cushioned foot roller foams, and ergonomic ankle support ensure complete comfort to the user and make it one of the most desirable inversion tables in this list.

Design & Safety

Innova ITX9600 has long handles on both sides that enable the user to get back to the original position safely. Also, their structure is balanced and stable with firm non-slip ground support bars which impart proper safety to the buyer.

Convenient assembly

This inversion therapy table is easy to assemble as it comes with an instruction manual and all the necessary tools which are required to complete its setup. You need not worry even if you misplace the user manual by chance as their support team will immediately e-mail the soft copy on your e-mail address.


Innova ITX9600 is not as heavy as the inversion tables of Ironman but they still weigh enough to break a sweat while folding them. It cannot be flat-folded but you still can decrease the height of its back support to minimize the bulk.

If you are looking for a comfortable, robust and sturdy inversion table then Innova ITX9600 is tailor-made according to your requirements. One can easily use this model in the gym for crunches, sit-ups, etc.

  • Pre-included protective cover for safety
  • Large and comfortable backrest
  • Superior balance system
  • Customizable according to the height of the user
  • Heavy model
  • Difficult to move around
  • Hard to fold due to the extra weight

Innova ITX9600


Innova ITX9600 is being preferred by customers all around the world because of its sturdy design and high-quality metal built. It provides complete value to the buyer’s money and has a reputation to provide instant relief in back pains and back injuries. The height adjustment can be slightly difficult initially but it eases out as you start using it regularly.


Low cost and extraordinary robustness make Innova ITX9600 an ideal inversion table. Durable features, 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and comfortable design suit everyone and can prove to be the first choice for beginners.


If you are looking for an all-in-one package then Innova ITM4800 is an ideal inversion table for you. Heat massage, Vibration Therapeutic massage and customizable lumbar pad provide relief in stress, stiffness, back pain, fatigue and much more. So if you want to experience an inverted massage therapy then go for it!

Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat And Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table.jpg


Made from vinyl leather, energy foams, and metal, this inversion table is built to last.


Removable headrest pillow and padded backrest provide complete comfort to the users while they relieve themselves from stress and pain. Its 6-pin design allows you to adjust the angular position of the bed and it also comes with a protective cover to provide comfort while making adjustments.


The customizable lumbar pad provides ease to the users while adjusting according to their height. Foot foams and cuffed ankle supports provide complete comfort to the users while they are resting in an inverted position.


This heat inversion therapy table is more effective than regular inversion tables. It heats and soothes the tense muscles of the back and has a healing effect on the overall back portion.


Even after providing the extra benefits of heat and therapeutic massage, this inversion table comes in the budget range of normal inversion tables with a price less than $200.


Weighing less than 60lbs, this inversion therapy table can be conveniently folded into a noteworthy compact size. Therefore, it proves to be ideal for storage purposes.

  • Flat fold design provides easy storage
  • Heat & vibration massage facility
  • Auto & manual massage selection
  • Durable heavy-duty steel frame
  • A bit pricey
  • Ankle lock causes a bit of discomfort during longer sessions
  • Heavy model means difficult to move

Innova ITX9600


This inversion table is commendable as it provides relief from muscle soreness, stiff backs, and eases out the pressure from the spinal cord. Its extra thick backrest is comfortable but the foot foams are a bit hard. The ergonomic handles are elongated to provide ease while returning back to the original position and the additional benefits of heat and vibration massage provide a good value for money.


Innova ITM4800 is a good choice for the people who are facing multiple issues of muscles and back pain. However, you can choose other inversion tables from this list if you need a simple inversion table without the heat and vibration system.


IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is one of the latest specimens of Ironman and appeases the users both in terms of comfort and performance. It is a much better version of their earlier models like Gravity 1000 & 2000 as it makes a notable improvement in features like comfort and design.

innova 4000.jpg


If you or any other member of your family is on the heavier side, then this strong and heavy-duty inversion table is the perfect choice for you as it can easily handle weight up to 350llb. Also, it can be adjusted for a person as tall as 6’6 inches.

Durability & Stability

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 comes with firm and non-skid floor holders to provide stability and safety to the user. It is finished with a powdered coating that protects it from scratches and scars.


This inversion therapy table can be inverted even at full 90 degrees and comprises a lumbar back pillow for additional lower back support. The elongated protective handles consist of foam covers to provide convenience to the users while returning back to their original position.

Easy Assembly

The IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is accompanied with a complete instruction manual that helps you while assembling this mammoth.

Design & Comfort

The foam covered backrest and removable lumbar pillow for lower back ensure that you rest peacefully. The perfect position of the ankle straps assists a user to lock them without bending too much. Getting up from an inclined position is much easier as you just have to raise your hands for that!


This model comes with non-skid floor stabilizers which allow a user to invert without worrying. They remain firm on the floor and the long U-shaped handles provide complete stability.


This inversion therapy table is foldable but you have to careful while moving it because it is bulky and heavy.

Multiple benefits

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 can be used for decompressing spinal cord, getting relief from stress, muscle pain, joint pain, backache and much more. It also improves blood circulation, posture and strengthens muscles. It provides relief from insomnia as well.

  • Tough & built to last
  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable design Extra weight bearing capacity
  • Detachable lumbar pillow
  • Bulky model
  • Difficult to move

IRONMAN Gravity 4000


Many users found IRONMAN Gravity 4000 effective for back pain and muscle soreness. The structure is bulky but it also provides it with the much-needed stability and sturdiness. Its ability to bear weight up to 350 pounds has impressed countless people and the overall performance of this table is noteworthy.


IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is ideal for the overweight buyers but it does not mean that it is any less effective for others. Its wide backrest provides ample of space to rest your back and the ankle straps are comfortable. The price is very affordable and works in favor of this sturdy machine.


The Teeter EP-960 is one of the most popular inversion tables and is recommended by most medical experts and fitness trainers. Its innovative features and efficient therapy system makes it one of the most favorite inversion tables on the market.

Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table.jpg

Some of the key features of this model are:


Teeter EP-960, the latest model of the ComforTrak-series is equipped with all the advanced features that provide comfort and relaxation to the user. Its modern track-designed bed massages the right set of points on your back to relieve you from stress and pain. Experience decompression like never before with the built-in lumbar bridge that provides extra support to the lower back and relieves tension from your spine.

Healing experience

Teeter EP-960 comes with a vibration cushion that can be activated by an LCD remote control. This cushion is engineered with multiple motors that impart a spa-like rejuvenating experience to the users.


The vibration cushion of this inversion table can be removed and attached to the table itself if you want to just lie down and relax. This inversion table is designed at pre-set angles of 60, 40 and 20 degrees which provides convenience while adjusting the bed for inversion.


Triple lock ankle straps and adjustable footrest platform ensure both security and comfort while resting.


This lightweight inversion table can be folded into a compactly sized frame to store it conveniently in your gym or storerooms.

  • Acupressure nodes for relaxing stiff muscles
  • Ergo-Embrace covering around the ankles for extra comfort
  • Full 5-year warranty
  • Advanced vibration cushion
  • Extended traction handles for convenience
  • Can be a bit tricky for new users

Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table


Teeter EP-960 is by far among the most appealing and innovative inversion tables which comes with mobile app support, instruction manual and startup DVD. It has provided relief from muscle soreness, backaches, Sciatica, herniated discs, muscle spasms, etc. to numerous people which has made it popular in the treatment centres as well. It is very convenient to store when not in use as it can be folded without disintegrating the parts.


Very few inversion tables provide so many facilities in the price range at which Teeter EP-960 comes. It can be used for massage therapy, for improving the core strength, relieving back issues and much more. It provides complete value for money and its patented design is tailor-made for resolving back pains and spinal cord issues.


The IRONMAN IFT 4000 is equipped with all the latest, innovative and user-friendly features that make it a desirable inversion table. The combination of inversion therapy with infrared heat technology provided many benefits to the user.

IRONMAN IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table.jpg

Some of the notable features of this inversion table are:

Superior performance

A product of the Paradigm Health & Wellness, IRONMAN IFT 4000 is engineered with the latest infrared heat therapy that works miracles for your back issues and pains. The heat inversion therapy offered by this table soothes muscle tension and improves its performance as compared to regular inversion tables.


Made from heavy-duty tubular steel and finished with an anti-scratch powdered coating, this table is both sturdy and stable.


The capacity of handling weight up to 350 pounds with ease makes this specimen ideal for overweight individuals.

Design & Comfort

Extra padded ribbed foam and foam covered handles ensure total comfort and the longer infrared pad evens out the heat distribution throughout your back. The bottom strand is affixed with two hand-holders which allow you to perform some stretching exercise while resting in the inverted position. The ankle holder snugly fits your ankles and the large footrest allows you to adjust your feet and heals comfortably.


Also, the heating system can be controlled via a remote control that can be stored in a mesh pocket designed on the safety covers. The backrest can be heated up to 140 degrees and comes with an LED display to measure the exact temperature of the bed.

Easy assembly

This inversion table comes with a complete user guide. Also, all the parts are well labeled and the user manual comes with precise instructions that allow users to assemble it conveniently.


This inversion table is designed to be foldable which provides convenience to the users while storing it.

  • Easily foldable structure
  • Wide backrest with cushions and pads
  • Can support different body types easily
  • Heavy to move
  • Safety straps are irremovable making it difficult to clean
  • Require a bit of effort to get into an inverted position

IRONMAN IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table


While most of the users will feel happy to buy this product due to its safety and comfort features, some of them will feel a bit of discomfort in the ankles when they are positioned upside down for the longer duration. This is due to the ankle strap being a bit inconvenient when subjected to excess tension. It comes with a 12-month warranty which can be even extended after paying a negligible fee.


Purchasing this inversion table is a good deal if you are facing with pains and muscle soreness throughout your body. It is great for improving the health of your spinal cord by all means. Complete control while inversion gives a sense of security to the buyers.


The Ironman iControl 600 is the new improved version of their earlier model Ironman 4000. It is engineered to provide total relief from muscle soreness and backaches.

IRONMAN iControl 600 inversion table.jpg


The oval steel construction of this inversion table imparts a long-lasting quality to it. The heavy-duty steel used and solid frame of this table allow the user to relax confidently while inverting. Moreover, the scratch-resistant powered coating shields it from different types of weather.


The Ironman iControl 600 does not feature a front support rod like the traditional tables. This allows a user to get off easily after using it.


Extra-long handlebars enable you to return back to your original position safely after experiencing the inversion therapy. This model features a unique disk brake system that allows a user to stop the inversion and control it at any position. As a result, a user can confidently use the table without any inhibition.


This inversion table comes with extra padded and thickly cushioned backrest which provides soothing comfort to the user. The soft and luscious foam and the innovative Air Tech technology ensure complete relaxation to your back muscles and spine. An inbuilt stretch bar is provided to the individuals who like to stretch their back totally while in an inverted position.


Ironman iControl 600 is pre-assembled inversion table requiring no adjustments and installations to be made.

  • Innovative disc brake system
  • Air Tech cushioned foam
  • Full 180-degree inversion
  • Requires time to understand the disc brake mechanism

IRONMAN iControl 600 inversion table


Most of the users should be thrilled to use this inversion table as it comes as a pre-assembled unit which is ideal for beginners. The long side handles, secure ankle locking system and ergonomic backrest provide a complete experience and relaxation to the users. It provides good value for money and can be folded without any inconvenience.


IRONMAN iControl 600 is a perfect inversion table as it supports all body frames and sizes. Moreover, it comes with a safety and quality certificate which makes it all the more desirable.


Tips and features to be considered before buying an inversion table – Buyer’s guide

Inversion therapy is directly related to our spine health and therefore, we must be very careful before choosing one. Countless models and brands in the online market can make your head spin so we are providing an easy way to go shopping for it:

Know your body

Before understanding all the features and drawbacks of the available inversion tables, you must figure out what you are actually expecting from the inversion table. Whether you are suffering from severe cervical pain, lower back pain, neck region pain, etc. you must be a little aware of the human anatomy so that you select the perfect inversion table that resolves all these issues.

Knowing types of inversion tables

There are two types of inversion therapy tables available in the market viz. automatic and manual. Automatic inversion tables are engineered with motors that move the table in different angles as per your requirement. The manual tables are too smooth and easy to adjust at different angles. People with severe back issues and pain can opt for automatic tables and it is also more costly as compared to the manual ones.

Here are the features of the inversion tables that need to be evaluated first:

Check the quality

Before buying an inversion table you must figure out its quality. Don’t go for anything less than a stainless steel frame and keep an eye on the material used for the finishing. Choose a model that lasts and makes you feel secure while you are resting.

Comfort is a top priority

The main reason you are choosing the inversion therapy table is that your back is in discomfort. So there is no point in making your other parts such as head, ankles, feet, etc. uncomfortable for the sake of your back. Settle nothing less than a table with a padded backrest, ergonomic headrest, and super comfortable ankle cuffs with cosy footrest. After all, comfort matters the most when you are trying to figure out the world upside down!


Storage becomes an important factor particularly for the people who live in confined spaces. Therefore, look out for an inversion table that can be folded easily and kept in a corner of your room.


Warranty matters the most when a product damaged accidentally. Many brands offer a limited warranty for 12 months but some of these brands extend the warranty after paying a small fee. However, there are few companies that provide 5-year warranty as well.


Nothing matters us more than safety while hanging upside down! Unlike traditional inversion tables, the newer models come with complete security features, protective covers, etc. which make you feel protected and safe while using them.

Assembly & User manual

Most of the inversion tables require assembly as they come with a user guide and set up instructions that you have to follow in order to make your inversion table functional. However, pre-assembled tables are also available in the market. Usually, the assembly does not require much effort, time and you can complete the setup within an hour if you follow the set of instructions properly. In the user manual, you will also find the methods to clean and maintain your inversion table and the ways through which you can reap maximum health benefits from it.

Analyze customer reviews & ratings

The experience of a customer who has already used an inversion table can be of great help as it makes one understand the positive and negative aspects of a particular product. Therefore, do not forget to view the customer ratings and reviews, analyze it according to your requirements and then decided whether to buy it or not!

Set your budget

No need to buy an over expensive inversion table with an extraordinary set of innovative features if your needs are basic. Understand your requirements, fix a budget and then look out for the inversion tables that are well within your budget range.


Back issues and pains are very common these days and correcting your back posture at the right time is the best preventive measure you can take. However, if you are already suffering from chronic back pain then you must always consult a doctor first.

Inversion tables are ideal for both correcting back posture and eliminating back pain. They improve your blood circulation and have countless other health benefits as well. Therefore, we would suggest you scroll through all the types of inversion tables, set a budget for yourself and then purchase it!

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