Best pillows for Tailbone Pain: Specially crafted for comforting tailbone pain & back issues

Most of us ignore the coccyx or tailbone which is located at the bottom of our spine until we hurt it accidentally. Popularly known as the tailbone, this part is a remnant of the fact that our ancestors had tails.

When the humans learned to walk on two legs, the tail which was earlier used for balancing was no longer needed. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection, it gradually got fused into a short set of vertebrae.

Though an ignored part, a tailbone plays the important role of stabilizing us when we sit, stand and walk. Injuries to a tailbone can cause pain which can be less or very intense depending upon the nature of the injury.

There are numerous causes of a tailbone pain or injury such as abruptly sitting on a hard surface, getting hit while playing sports, etc. Venessa had hurt her tailbone while giving birth to her second child which caused a lot of pain in the hip and tailbone region.

When she complained about it to the doctor, they increased her stay in the hospital and prescribed costly medicines and painkillers.

Though it helped in the beginning, the pain took over again soon and she was not even able to sit or walk properly. All this ruined her happiness of giving birth to a healthy baby but she was determined to find a solution.

After witnessing her sorry condition a doctor friend asked her to buy a donut pillow so that she could sit properly. She ordered a U-shaped cushioned pillow online and started using it to relax while sitting.

Soon she found out that it not only relieved her pain but also reduced her pelvic and leg pain which is normally a case after childbirth.

Like Venessa thousands of new mothers, athletes, cab drivers, etc. have benefitted from the Coccyx pillow. A Coccyx or tailbone pillow helps to heal the Coccyx fracture quickly and assists a user with a good posture.

Countless brands have introduced U-shaped pillows that are specially designed for healing tailbone pain and injuries.

Choosing the right kind of Coccyx pillow is not an easy task and therefore we decided to explore the best pillows in the market.

After going through deep research, analysis and experimenting on numerous individuals I have penned down the pillows that were effective and from those I have selected 7 best tailbone pillows that excel in every aspect such as comfort, efficiency, price, etc. Please have a look at these pillows.

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Plixio’s Coccyx pillow is a U-shaped contoured pillow which is designed with a free gap for the tailbone. This distributes the upper body weight evenly throughout the hips, buttocks and relieves stress from the area surrounding the tailbone.

Many reviewers rated this tailbone pillow high so I had to try it on someone who faced a tailbone issue. A friend of mine plays rugby and the poor guy lands flat on his buttocks while dodging and defending. So, I decided to experiment with him. Frequent injuries in that area had given him pain and numbness which aggravated when he rested or sat on chairs. Initially, his tailbone started to hurt a bit but it was actually the numbness that was going away. After some time he started feeling relief and from then he never fails to use it at least once in a day.

Unique features:

Ergonomic design

Plixio’s tailbone pillow eases out the pressure from the lower back and Coccyx. Its ergonomic design also helps to improve the spine position and posture.

Pain relief

The contoured U-shaped design of this pillow provides instant relief to the tailbone as it hovers in the cut-out part of the pillow. As a result, the stress from the surrounding area reduces swiftly and you get instant pain relief.


Made from memory foam this pillow is extremely comfortable and ideal to use on different types of chairs, car seats, etc.


This tailbone pillow comes with a washable covering which allows the user to clean after using it. Also, it comes with an anti-slip bottom which allows the pillow to grip firmly on any surface.

  • Cushioned
  • Eliminates Coccyx’s pressure
  • Removable cover
  • Improves posture
  • Can get flat after repeated use
  • Key specifications
  • Product dimensions – 18 * 14 * 3 inches
  • Package weight – 2.4 pounds


Overall I found the pillow to be very helpful not only for the tailbone but for the overall back and lumbar region. It also acts as a posture corrector and is designed to be duly comfortable.

After continuous usage, it can get a bit flat but you don’t have to worry as the company gives free replacement in an exchange with the flat pillows. So hurry up and grab this multipurpose pillow!

Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


Comfortably cushioned and ingeniously designed, this tailbone pillow can be a lifesaver for someone who is facing Coccyx trauma.

It’s simple and practical design make it convenient to use on all types of vehicle seats and chairs. Moreover, it is a perfect choice for the people who want to improve their spine alignment without any efforts.

  • Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion: A soothing relief

It is a soft memory gel memory cushion with an extra-large base for firm support. It does not get flat even after repeated use which makes this Orthopaedic tailbone pillow unique.

I like to travel and often drive my car to faraway destinations. Sometimes I feel a very nagging pain in my tailbone which eventually vanes off after few days. Therefore, I decided to use this memory foam cushion seat as I had heard about it being effective. I must say that this pillow is really comfortable and gives proper space to my tailbone while sitting. Also, now I do not have to face the inconvenience in my lumbar area while driving as it gets me comfortable placed on my car seat.

Remarkable features:

Gel technology

The soft gel technology used in this pillow imparts proper support and comfort to the users. It is designed to comfort pain in the pelvic, Coccyx, lower back, and spine areas. It also provides relief from sciatic pain.


The use of memory foam gel cushion imparts a premium quality to this pillow. This seat is wide, dense and does not get flat after prolonged use. Therefore, it is ideal for long-lasting use.


It is ergonomically designed which provides complete comfort to the users. As a result, it proves to be ideal for use on chairs, vehicle seats, wheelchairs and much more. It supports a healthy posture and corrects the supine position without any extra effort.


It comes with a pillow cover which can be removed for washing and cleaning purposes. It is lightweight and proves to be convenient to use during traveling.

  • Superior gel technology
  • Wide base for extra support
  • Soothes pain
  • Not suitable for smaller chairs and seats

Key specifications

Product dimensions – 14 * 18 * 3 inches

Weight – 3 pounds


An ideal travel partner this pillow is perfect for cab drivers and individuals who are passionate about traveling long distance. The memory gel cushion is soothing and offers instant relief from tailbone pain.

I loved its breathable quality which ensures that you feel happy and light while using it.


Everything is perfect about this pillow and it also does not wear out after continuous use. Recommendable and fairly priced this pillow is certainly a smart option for people with back issues and tailbone pains.

  • Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic: Multipurpose & Comfortable

Do you feel stiffness or soreness in your tailbone? This Coccyx seat of Zaraki is specially designed for relieving the tailbone pain and also provides cushioned support and comfort to the user.

Ross a truck driver who stays near my house uses it while he sets out for his daily routine and therefore, I decided to check it out. I gave it to my pregnant cousin who was suffering from lumbar pain and she said that it provided her relief from back pain and hip pain.  Then I used it for a while on my car seat and found it to be comforting and supportive.

Special features:


Apart from healing the tailbone pain, this pillow also resolves back issues, sciatic problems, herniated disc, hip pain, etc. It also comforts soreness and stiffness of the back and provides relief from tailbone injuries.

Moreover, it improves your upper body posture by straightening the back. You can also use them to get rid of bad sitting and standing stance.


The luscious memory foam provides complete comfort to the users and supports the back and hip perfectly. They adjust to your body contours and permit free space to the tailbone which relaxes the surrounding regions as well.


If there are some chairs in your home and office that are hard and uncomfortable, then you can purchase these U-shaped pillows. Also, you can use these seats while working on laptops, computers, watching TV, etc. which make it a multipurpose accessory.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this product or don’t feel comfortable after using it then there is no need to worry because is such cases the company refunds the entire amount at once. This tells us that Ziraki is 100percent sure about its products.

  • Washable velour cover
  • High-quality memory foam
  • 100 percent reimbursement
  • Multiple benefits
  • People with piles must consult a doctor before using it

Key specifications

Product dimensions – 17.8 * 13.7 * 3 inches

Weight – 1.8 pounds


Ziraki’s seat pillow is lightweight and its stable construction ensures that the seat remains in place even if you are moving or shifting. One remarkable aspect of this pillow is that it gets smooth and soft at higher temperatures and turns solid and firm at lower temperatures. Therefore, I personally found this pillow to be extremely soft and usable in all conditions.


The comfort and relaxation provided by this pillow are certainly worth mentioning. However, it is more usable with chairs then car seats because it flattens out slightly from the center. Apart from this, there are no other drawbacks and therefore, this product is buyable.

  • Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion: Deep relief & soothing comfort

With its unique texture and design, this tailbone pillow from Xtreme Comforts stands out from the rest. The design of this pillow is such that you can even use it for sitting on the floor.

What I felt different about this seat cushion is the deep comfort it provides to the back and tailbone. Apart from that, the special texture of its covering ensures that the seat remains firm in one place even if you are shifting your sitting position.

Noteworthy features:

Improves posture

Are you feeling inconvenience in your back and lumbar region because of your improper sitting and walking posture? Then this cushioned seat from Xtreme Comforts is ideal for you as it realigns the spine and improves your posture by enabling you to sit in an upright and erect manner.

Tailored for tailbone

This is not a regular U-shaped tailbone pillow, but a smartly crafted masterpiece which adjusts itself according to your body contours and provides free breathable space to your tailbone.

Therefore, it is perfect for relaxing your hip, tailbone, and buttocks which usually get strained after sitting for a while. It enables you to sit in an upright position that eases out the pressure points of your back and tailbone.


The bottom of this cushioned seat is textured in such a way that it imparts a non-skid grip to it. As a result, you are able to sit in a firm and relaxed manner as the seat does not shake from below.

Also, it is compatible with car seats, chairs, driver’s seats, recliners and other types of seats and furniture. You can even meditate and perform yoga postures by sitting on this seat due to its non-skid feature.


The unique design and shape of this tailbone pillow prevent it from going flat even after prolonged use. It is known to regain its density after each sitting which improves its durability and performance.

  • Machine washable
  • Breathable
  • Tough
  • Anti skid bottom
  • The textured cover can be cause a bit of inconvenience to scrawny individuals

Key specifications

Product dimensions – 17.6 * 3.1 * 13.2 inches

Weight – 1.9 pounds

Package weight – 1.95 pounds


I loved this tailbone cushion as it was comfortable and relieving but thin and bony people may find it a bit too thick. So I would recommend such people to try the other lusciously cushioned seats which are mentioned in this list.

Apart from that, it is perfectly designed to complement your spine and tailbone health.


A bit expensive than the earlier mentioned seats, this pillow is certainly a relief for those people who are not comfortable with the regular seats of their chairs and cars.

People with tailbone pain can use it effectively for instant relief from soreness and pain.

  • Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion: Stable & Relieving

Manufactured with pure and heat-responsive memory foam, the Everlasting Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion is well-known for relieving leg pain and tailbone pain.

Everlasting is a leading provider of fitness and health products and therefore, I was eager to try it for my cousin’s daughter who had unfortunately been suffering from traumatic spine injury for the last few months.

Her parents had tried everything but it only provided temporary relief. Doctor’s had advised her to rest as much as possible and to avoid sitting completely.

But when we consulted the doctor he was ok with since the U-shaped seat did not come in direct contact with the spine.

We made her sit on this tailbone pillow every day for some time and she gradually started to feel better. After two weeks most of her pain was gone and my cousin has thanked me at least a dozen times for recommending it.

Striking features:


One feature which makes this cushioned seat stand out from the rest is its memory foam cushion that adjusts itself according to the heat of your body. It squeezes and pushes your bottom accurately to support your tailbone, hips, lower back, and spine.

As a result, you get quick relief from tailbone pain and there is a noticeable improvement in your posture.


This lightweight tailbone pillow can also be used as a seat elevator for your car seats. They are also compatible with different types of chairs and their small size allows you to use them on airplane seats as well.

Excellent customer service

This seat is recommended by doctors and physicians due to its revolutionary U-shaped design. However, if you feel that your issues are not resolved completely you can always contact their customer support staff as they are very responsive and cooperative.

  • Firm rubber bottom
  • Portable
  • Heat responsive
  • Ergonomic design
  • Some people may not get relief from all the issues

Key specifications

Product Dimensions – 17.5 * 13.5 * 2.8 inches

Weight – 1.9 pounds

Package weight – 2.2 pounds


The personal experience of my cousin’s daughter was really satisfying but I have read a few customer reviews about it where the users are not totally satisfied with the product.

I would advise such users to be patient with the product and to use it with precision as a lot depends on how well you use it. I would definitely recommend this product to my readers though!


Some tailbone pillows are not suitable for everyone but it does not mean that the product is average.

The comfortable memory foam and a custom-designed ergonomic seat are definitely going to improve your posture and relieve your tailbone pain. My simple suggestion to users is just to make sure you use it enough before complaining.

  • ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion: Enhances your posture

An ideal travel partner, this ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion is manufactured with high-density memory foam and anti-slip bottom.

It is not just ideal for the tailbone pain but is also effective for back issues and sciatic pains. I am not telling this by reading some random shopping website but we have used by ourselves as tall genes run in our family and therefore, we naturally have some back issues.

Though I am not suggesting that all tall people suffer from back pain but most of them do suffer from back issues with age.

Special features:

Multiple benefits

This smartly designed U-shaped pillow relieves tailbone discomfort, reduces herniated disc pains, pregnancy sciatica and also supports a healthy posture.


It is a compact, lightweight pillow and comes with a handle which makes it portable. Also, it is compatible with seats of different vehicles such as cars, trucks, etc. which makes it a travel-friendly device.


This luscious cushioned seat provides complete relaxation to the users. Moreover, it is built to be durable which helps it to provide you with long-lasting comfort.


It comes with a stable anti-slip rubber bottom which avoids accidental slipping due to movement.

  • Heat responsive memory foam
  • Washable cover
  • Convenient transport handle
  • Pain relieving
  • None

Key specifications

Product dimensions – 17.7 * 13.7 * 2.8 inches

Weight – 1.15 pounds


All the tailbone pillows are not perfect but this one is! Its heat responsive texture and ergonomic design alleviates all your tailbone issues and solves other back related problems. The bottom line is, get it before it goes out of stock!


A perfect blend of comfort and durability, this product is designed to rule the market of tailbone pillows. Definitely worth buying!


  • ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion: Durable & Comfortable

Yet another tailbone pillow from ComfiLife, this one comes with gel memory foam which has its own benefits and features. It’s smart design and pain-relieving comfort cannot be paralleled by regular seat cushions.

When I ordered the previous seat of ComfiLife, I came across this one too and its striking features tempted me to try it at least once. Needless to say, this one is also as efficient and comforting.

Striking features

Superior comfort

This pillow consists of a gel layer that cools off any discomfort or inconvenience.

Speedy recovery

This pillow supports speedy recovery from the lower back issues, herniated discs, sciatica, tailbone injury and much more. It relieves the pressure from the Coccyx and assists healthy posture.

Portable & user-friendly

It comes with a travel handle which provides convenience to the users while traveling. It comes with a removable cover that can be washed in washing machines for cleaning purposes.

Durable & Stable

It comes with a rubber bottom which grips the chair or car seats and provides stability to the users. Also, their soft gel memory foam is durable and does not shrink even after repeated use.

  • Relieves multiple pains
  • Comforting soft gel cushion
  • Travel-friendly
  • Suitable for all seat types
  • Heavier individuals may find it less effective

Key specifications

Product dimensions – 17.9 * 14 * 2.8

Weight – 1 pound


Extremely lightweight and travel-friendly, this pillow is certainly a blessing for cab and truck drivers.  It can also be used on chairs and recliners.

Believe me, when I say that the soft gel pads are really effective but overweight users may not be that satisfied with its performance. Great value for money this soft gel cushion pad is here to stay.


With its soothing comfort and effective pain relief, this is surely a buyable product. Individuals with multiple back and lumbar issues may find it beneficial.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have understood the seriousness of the tailbone pain let’s first have a look at the things you should not be done before purchasing a tailbone pillow:

Cheap cushion seats

All U-shaped cushion seats are not effective. It is so because there are numerous cushion seats floating in the market which are too affordable.

Don’t get flattered by their prices as the materials used in them are of poor quality which provides little to no comfort.

‘Too cushioned or too thin’

Before selecting a cushion seat tailbone pillow please get into its dimensions first. Most of these pillows are fairly long and broad but the thickness of memory foam is the most crucial aspect.

Do not go for too thick or too thin pillows.

A good cushion seat ranges from 2.7 to 3 inches in thickness which is also considered to be the ideal thickness for resolving your tailbone and spine issues.

Coverless pillows

There are some brands in the market that provide tailbone pillows without covers while some pillows have irremovable covers.

Such types of pillows cannot be used for a long time as the cover cannot be removed for cleaning and if the whole pillow is washed, it will either wear off or its effectiveness will be compromised.

Fast heating pillows

Do not go for the pillows that get affected by your body’s heat. Such pillows are not good for your overall health and certainly cannot be used while driving cars.

I have used a lot many seat cushions by myself which gives me a fair idea about the things we must be looking for in a tailbone pillow:

Lightweight pillows

Lightweight pillows are the most convenient cushion seats to carry while traveling. Also, lightweight pillows have less density and are quite breathable and relaxing as compared to the pillows with higher density.

Memory foam

Most of these tailbone pillows are made with memory foam or soft gel memory foam. Most of the brands boast about using the best memory foam but the fact remains that the pillows with pure memory foam are more effective.

Always check the user’s manual because in the product specifications there is information about the type of memory foam used.

Ergonomic design

Just having a U-shape is not enough to cure your tailbone pain. The design should be such that the seat allows the tailbone to hang out nicely while you are sitting.

Some tailbone pillows are also designed according to human body contours. These are the best type of pillows that provide quick relief from pain.

Cover material

The material of the removable seat cover is also important as it plays a crucial role in providing comfort. An ideal cover must not be too smooth or too textured. The correct thickness and right amount of texture will provide a soothing experience.


Denser pillows retain their shape more quickly than the lighter ones. However, over dense pillows are also not effective. Choose a pillow with moderate density for long-lasting performance.


Tailbone pillows have an overall impact on your Coccyx and back. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting these cushioned pillows.

The pillows mentioned in this list are all reasonably priced and provide noticeable and fast relief. And last but not the least, medicine cannot be effective if you do not supplement it with a proper diet and therefore, do not forget to sit, stand and walk in an upright position.

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