Best & Top Rated Tens Units – For Safe & Natural Healing of Pain

A healthy body and a sound mind are what everyone wishes for but due to our hectic lifestyles we often end up stretching our bodies too far than its normal limits.

That’s when we end up pulling a muscle, straining our nerves, injuring our joints, etc. which can be painful. Usually, the pain is temporary and wanes off after a few hours or a couple of days but sometimes the pain can be strong enough to mess up our daily routines.

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That’s when we consult a physician or doctor who prescribes a list of medicines and tablets that eventually weaken our immunity and make us dependable. Want to get rid of this sticky situation?

Nikita had met with an accident a few months ago but the pain in her shoulders and arms were still troubling her, so much that she had been on painkillers for months. Samuel, a heavy weightlifter had snapped his lower back while trying to push the weight limit.

He got the MRI scan done and everything seemed to be ok but then suddenly one day his back started hurting. After trying a couple of unsuccessful remedies, both of them decided to explore the internet to find some solution to their intense pain.

Coincidentally, both of them stumbled upon a few online articles and blogs which suggested the use of a device that was much smaller than a regular smartphone. They ordered it and today Nikita has forgotten her pain and Samuel has finally been able to lift again. Want to know how this happened?

Most of us think that it is not possible to heal the pain without those heavy dose painkillers and injections. But modern medical science has developed so much that a few bearable electric signals through the skin and the pain goes off in a jiffy.

Are we joking? No, we aren’t. TENS Unit is a useful invention of modern science that can tackle a wide plethora of pains and muscle issues. It is an electrical device that connects the nerves by sending stimulating signals through the surface of the skin.

These pulses block the pain signals and prevent them from communicating with the brain to provide you with instant relief.

Want to know the best part? It also boosts the production of Endorphin which is the body’s natural pain defense force. Yes, we are talking about the same device which Samuel and Nikita have ordered online!

There are so many TENS Units available in the market that you could get a neck pain just by reading their names! Then, there are some devices that carry the functions of both TENS AND EMS Units. An EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) is a device similar to TENS but it focuses on muscle groups instead of nerves.

Nikita and Samuel had to go through hundreds of TENS Units and more customer reviews to finalize one device and also they were lucky enough to find an effective solution.

But here’s the truth, everyone one can’t be so lucky nor do we have so much idle time to research. Therefore, we took efforts by ourselves and reviewed each and single TENS Unit which pledged to be a problem solver.

We have shortlisted only those devices which have touched our hearts and didn’t burn our pockets. I know you wish to know more about these TENS Units.

By comparing these TENS Units and other devices available in the online market you can get an idea about the unique features and benefits offered by different brands. This is how you would be able to decide which TENS Unit is the best for you. Kindly go through our top-ten list!

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Healthmate Forever is in great demand these days due to its advanced features and easy-to-use design. It comes with 4 output channels that can be used to activate 8 electrode pads at once.

If you facing pain and muscle issues frequently or you are an athlete or fitness lover who needs muscle relaxation after tiring workout and training sessions, then this is a perfect product for you! I personally get a bit nervous when I think about electric currents running through my nerves but when I used this TENS Unit all the fear vanquished in seconds! With its various massage options and powerful stimulation pulses, it solves pain, muscle, and joint issues effectively.

FDA cleared Healthmate Forever YK15AB TENS unit + EMS

Remarkable features:

Intuitive LCD Display

It is equipped with a wide LCD screen that displays different massage modes such are knead, acupuncture, scraping, tap massage, cupping, etc. which you can use according to the body part and pain. People with poor eyesight can use the backlight feature of its LCD screen.

Ergonomic buttons

Don’t miss out on notice the touch-sensitive buttons and clear indications for the neck, elbow, shoulder, back, and other parts which make it user-friendly and convenient to use.

Easy to control modes

Healthmate Forever is engineered with 15 different modes and comes with 8 electrode pads (4 pairs). Each pair can be placed on different body parts at a time and can be set on different or the same intensity as per your requirement.

There are 20 levels of intensity which can be gradually increased as one gets accustomed to the electric sensation or tingling. Just press ‘+’ and ‘-buttons which are located in the right and left the side of the device respectively and note down the intensity levels that relieve your pain faster.

Comforting experience

With 9 auto simulation modes and six selectable modes, this device provides comforting massage sensations that can be personalized according to your needs.

Want to know the best part? The powerful battery of this TENS Unit sustains up to 1 hour and 20 minutes!

Key Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (7.75″ L x 2.75″ W x .75″ T)
  • Temperature Range (0 degree – 48 degrees)
  • Display Size (1.75″ W x 1″ L)
  • Weight 4.2 oz
  • Relief from multiple types of pain
  • Comes with device placement chart
  • Stimulates muscles and nerves to reduce the pain
  • Fully automatic
  • Safe to use
  • Healthmate Forever comes with built-in preset modes that may provide inconvenience while customizing the options.


We reviewed this product carefully and found that it works well both as EMS and TENS Unit. Therefore, it can provide comfort from Tennis Elbow, Arthritis, chronic back pain, Bursitis, etc.

I would advise you to try out other electrode pads if a particular pad gets rashes or red marks on your skin. Remember to clean the skin surface completely before the application of an electrode patch.


It is a fruitful and cost-effective solution for treating different types of pain that are related to skeletal muscles. People suffering from blood pressure, tumors, skin issues, high fever, and infection must take the advice of a physician before using this device. Nevertheless, it is certainly a beneficial deal for others.

FDA cleared Healthmate Forever YK15AB TENS unit + EMS

  • Easy@Home Professional Grade TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager EHE012PRO

Known for generating mild but effective nerve stimulations, this TENS Unit has managed to impress its users and physicians with its user-friendly features and ergonomic design.

This is a premium quality professional TENS Unit that triggers impulses to tissues, muscles, and nerves to cure the pain of various body parts. When I first read about this TENS Unit somewhere in an article, I felt that they are bragging a bit too much. But now when I have used it, I have to say it is a smoothly operating device. Moreover, you can buy this unit without a prescription as it has got FDA approval for over the counter use. Cool isn’t it!

Easy@Home Professional Grade TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager EHE012PRO

Unique features:


Equipped with five automated massage facilities and three traditional massage modes, this device is simply outstanding as it displays the timer, massage mode, and intensity level all at once on its large backlight LCD monitor.

Rechargeable batteries

It comes with the latest technology lithium battery which is rechargeable. The battery power lasts up to 120 minutes that enables you to use it on multiple occasions in a day.


Planning a weekend tour with family? No worries, this TENS Unit comes with a bag that enables you to carry it conveniently while traveling.

Multiple benefits

Apart from healing pain, this unit can be used for relaxation and faster recovery of muscles after strenuous physical activities or exercises. I am certain that this feature will be loved by the fitness freaks!


You can raise or decrease the intensity levels from 1 to 20 levels, unlike other models that provide only up to 10 levels.

Key Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (2.24 *7.57*0.76 inches)
  • Product weight: 127 grams
  • Package weight: 3.5 pounds
  • 1-year warranty
  • Safe & Powerful design
  • USB connection for recharging batteries
  • Improves body’s natural resistance to pain
  • Ideal for athletes and fitness freaks
  • Not suitable for people dealing with cardiac disorders, epilepsy, or with metal rods or screws inserted in body parts.


Require a TENS unit with adjustable controls and fully automatic design? Look no further as this can be your ideal device. It also comes with a one-year money back and replacement warranty which tells that they are confident about their product.


Effective muscle stimulation and tissue regeneration capacity make it ideal for all types of muscle pain. On the other hand, its LCD backlight monitor, portable and lightweight design which makes it absolutely perfect for everyone!

Easy@Home Professional Grade TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager EHE012PRO

  • TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

One of the most durable and reliable TENS Units in the market today, this TENS 7000 is recommended and preferred by most medical practitioners due to its accurate and effective pain relief.

TENS 7000 transfers gentle impulses through the nerves located in the pain-affected area.

It comes with 5 modes and 2 independent power channels which allow you to control its features according to your comfort and requirement. I too tried it once and found that the results were impactful and the performance was exceptional!

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

Noteworthy features:

Easy to buy & Effective

TENS 7000 comes with an over the counter approval which means that you can buy it without a prescription. It is effective in providing instant relief from different types of muscle and nerve pains.

All you need to do is plug in the wires and electrodes in the device and place the electrodes on the part that is inflicting pain. Don’t forget to switch on the device though!


Increase the intensity up to 10 levels from 0 to 100mA according to your comfort and requirement. It also provides precise control over timing and pulse.


This unit is ideal for relieving occasional or chronic pain. It relieves muscle spasms and is perfect for shoulder, neck, back and feet pain. It also improves the local blood circulation of the parts where the electrode pads are placed.

Operational record

A cool feature of this device is that it can keep an operational record of 999 hours that comprise the record of the first 60 sessions.

Key specifications

  • Product Dimensions (8.8 x 2 x 7.8 inches)
  • Shipping weight: 13.6 oz
  • Battery: Pre-included batteries of 1.9 volts
  • Operational temperature – 0 degrees to 40 degrees
  • Dual channels with 4 electrodes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Portable plastic hard case
  • Belt clip for on the go use
  • Only 1-10 intensity levels


Now, do you want to want to buy an easy to operate and on the go type of TENS Unit? If yes, then this device is built for you and it is completely user-friendly and precise in healing pains.

The battery low indicator and wide LCD screen provide a user-friendly experience and the 5 program modes provide ease of operations. Think this is it? In my opinion, don’t hurry as yet; there are other devices in this list that could prove to be as lucrative as this product is.


Most of the TEN’s Units on the list solve pain issues related to neck, feet, shoulders, back, etc. See the point is to not just buy a powerful unit but a device that will tick the other boxes as well.

One of the most durable and travel-friendly TENS Units in this list, this product has surely got your money’s worth.

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

  • NURSAL TENS Unit Rechargeable Electronic Pain Relief Massager

Are you flinching with inflamed spine discs or joints? Do you feel helpless due to arthritis or back pain? Don’t worry as we have a powerful TENS Unit that can solve all these and provide comfort from disabilities and lesions.

Some people like me, enjoy deep and sensational massage sessions and I bet this device is made for each one of us. You might be wondering how?

Three types of pads with different sizes to relieve you from stress and uninterrupted battery backup proves that this one is focusing on the massage lovers.

NURSAL TENS Unit Rechargeable Electronic Pain Relief Massager

Notable features:


Portable size and lightweight make this device ideal for carrying during travels and trips.


This device consists of 8 reusable pads that are self-adhesive gel pads and do not require any additional cream or gel for the electric current therapy. Moreover, you get two extra pads totally free of cost!


You can adjust the timer between 10 to 60 minutes with the default timer setting of 20 minutes. The intensity of this machine can be ranged between 1 to 20 depending upon the nature and intensity of your pain.


Nursal TENS Unit accelerates muscle recovery and soothes the tension of injured muscles. It also provides quick pain relief from arthritis, disc inflammation, joint pain, shoulder pain, etc.

Battery backup

It comes with a USB cable and provides up to 10 hours of battery backup. You might be wondering what it can’t be true but the fact remains that it has got amazing battery life. Along with that, the battery level indicator on the display alerts us when the battery is low.

Key Specifications

  • Product Dimensions (3.54 x 3.07 x 6.06 inches)
  • Package weight 2 pounds
  • Category: Massager
  • Self Adhesive gel pads
  • Automatically shuts off after timer completion
  • Customizable settings
  • Pocket size
  • The device needs to be ON while charging.


This TENS unit looks good, is portable and consists of 20 pre-programmed modes. This is a multimode digital device with multiple levels of intensity levels. Specialized for chronic pain, this device relieves muscle pain, joint pain, back pain and provides soothing relaxation to the body.


Precise, effective and secure, this TENS unit is suitable for curing all types of body pain. It delivers instant relief which makes it buyable for everyone.

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

CNXUS TENS Unit, (FDA 510k Cleared)

Want to experience a unique pain to relieve massage each time? Then you are looking at the device that is well equipped with 12 altogether different modes to ease out your pains and discomforts.

With 12 massage modes and 8 pads, this device triggers precise pressure points to relieve stress and tensions from the muscles. I was tempted to try it once and must admit that I liked it and the experience just got better each time.


Tense Unit 510 kKey features:


It provides comfort from muscle soreness, waist, back, shoulder pain and much more. It also helps to recover from muscle fatigue and cramps.

Channels & Intensity

Two independent channels can be used to set the same or different levels of intensity. The intensity levels can be changed from 1 to 20 and the timer can be set up to 60 minutes with 20 being the default setting.


Four additional free pads, large LCD screen, and powerful lithium-ion battery make this a purchase worthy product.


Care is taken to make this device safe and durable. The CE and FDA clearance confirms it totally.

Key specifications

Product dimensions (3.9 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches)

Requires one lithium battery

Shipping weight: 12.8 ounces

  • One year warranty
  • Portable & Secure
  • Eco-friendly product
  • 12 diverse modes
  • Animated mode display can be confusing for some people


Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


This TENS Unit comes with a lifetime technical service & support, wide LCD screen, and customizable settings. It really did provide instant relief to one of our friends from muscle pains and spasms which made us add this unit on the list!


CNXUS TENS Unit is perfect for the treatment of sore and tired muscles. All-in-all, it saves your hard-earned money as it is giving nearly everything at an incredibly fair price!

TEC.BEAN Tens Unit

Preferred by countless individuals across the world, the TEC.BEAN Tens Unit is a compact and portable device that has the capacity to generate enough power for healing your muscle issues, nerve pains, and sciatic pains.

Incorporated with 16 inbuilt modes and 8 massage pads, this impulse pain reliever guarantees a comforting massage to the user and ideal for treating back, knee, shoulder, neck and other areas of pain.

I found that the stimulating pulses can get a bit inconvenient at higher levels but I understand that the users suffering from pain can actually find it relieving.

Tec ,Bean Units FDA Approved



Unique features:


It is pre-programmed with 9 preset and 6 massage modes which you can select as per your body part and pain. The timer can be set from 10 minutes to 60 minutes depending upon your requirement.


Feel tired due to sore muscles? This TENS Unit works like magic and rejuvenates muscle power. It also provides comfort in knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow, back and wrist pain.


It is small and lightweight which makes it convenient enough to carry while traveling. Its pocket-size frame enables you to take it to offices, gym, on journeys and much more.


This device is equipped with 8 massage pads and the large LCD screen allows you to select the desired mode according to your pain.

Key specifications

USB rechargeable

Weight: 1.37 pound

Requirement: 1 lithium ion battery

  • Pocket-sized
  • 16 inbuilt modes
  • Large LCD screen
  • Adjustable settings
  • Can get a bit inconvenient during higher intensity levels


People dealing with sudden and frequent pains will find this device a perfect painkiller as it gradually diminishes the intensity and frequency of pains. An affordable unit, this device provides full value for money.

For someone who is looking for a professional device that has an amazing pain-relieving ability, this one will definitely feature in their top 3 list!

Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


Suitable for everyone this FDA cleared mini TENS Unit is powerful enough to get rid of harmful medications that you consume to get relief from pain.

Its large buttons and widescreen provide ease of operations and 15 intensity levels allow you to explore different intensities in order to find accurate pain relief.

Omron Max Power Relief TENS Unit (PM3032)

Simple, portable and powerful! You are looking at the pocket-sized dynamite that has the capacity to comfort the most painful chronic pains with ease.

This mini TENS Unit looks like an older version of the Nokia mobile phone but is capable of healing different types of pain. In my own personal opinion, this device is ideal for the individuals who want a mini TENS Unit that does not compromise on performance either.

Omron Max Power Relief TENS Unit (PM3032)

Striking features:

Easy to use

Preloaded with 6 modes and 3 massage modes, this unit consists of 2 power channels and 15 intensity levels. Therefore, you can easily use it to find the right kind of therapy along with an appropriate intensity to treat your pain.

Multiple benefits

This device is well-known for generating Endorphin which acts as a natural painkiller. It improves blood circulation and provides relief from joint pain, lower back, arms, shoulder, foot and leg pain.


It is compact sized and can be conveniently carried along on trips and tours. Moreover, it comes with a belt clip and carrying pouch which makes it a travel-friendly device.


This model is one of the most powerful and pain comforting TENS Units that you can find in the market. Therefore, it comes with only 30 minutes timer.

Key specifications

Product Dimensions (4.4 x 1 x 2 inches)

Weight: 6.4 oz

Package weight: 13.6 oz

  • Powerful
  • Large LCD display
  • Smartphone-sized
  • Large buttons for ease of operations
  • The timer can be set only up to 30 minutes


This TENS Unit is powerful and eases out different types of pain and muscle issues. It also boosts Endorphin levels and the settings are easy to adjust according to your needs.

You just need to be careful while selecting the intensity level as it is a powerful TENS Unit. Now you would think what’s new in this as all the above units also did contain the same features. I would suggest you read more though as the most amazing products are always hidden at the bottom.


Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue MatConclusion

Great for use while traveling, this compact TENS Unit is one of the most used and recommended TENS unit. Surely worth a try!


MiroPure Touch Screen Tens Unit and EMS Combination Unit

An expert massager and pain reliever this TENS Unit of MiroPure is seriously gaining the attention these days!

The package consists of a controller unit, three types of pads, USB cables, etc. Not only that, it is also compatible with a touch screen pen that provides easy options to handle the device.

My in-laws had recommended this device to me as it had helped them to overcome their knee pain. Overall I found the product to be very good, buyable and the lithium battery provides sufficient battery backup.

MiroPure Touch Screen Tens Unit and EMS Combination Unit

Predominant features:

Relaxes muscles

With 12 massage modes and 20 intensity levels, you can set place the pads in a perfect position to get relief from strained muscles and pain.

Real massage

This device creates deep sensations and precise stimulations that give a real massage-like experience to the users.


It works precisely against inflammation of joints and discs. Also, it is powerful enough to reduce arthritis pain, shoulder pain, back pain, etc.


It comes with a 2-year warranty and is covered under the easy return policy of the company.

Key Specifications

Battery: 1 CR123A battery is required

Package weight: 1 pound

Type: Touchscreen EMS + TENS

  • Safe without any side effects
  • Deep massage relaxation
  • 2 years warranty
  • Comes with a bag and acupuncture chart
  • It is not advisable for patients dealing with hypertension and pregnant women.


This powerful TENS unit comes with A and B channels which can be set at different levels. However, both the electrodes need to be used at the same time to avoid weakening of power.

MiroPure Touch Screen Tens Unit provides a safe and effective alternative to medicines as it is non-addictive and has no side effects.


Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


A top quality attachment pad and reliable performance ensure that you get a comforting massage experience. The price is a bit on the higher side if compared with the other TENS Units but the multiple benefits make it a worthy buy.

FDA TENS Unit and EMS Combination Muscle Stimulator

If you are looking for a professional TENS unit with EMS features, then this FDA TENS Unit is tailor-made for you!

FDA TENS Unit comes preloaded with EMS function which makes it helpful for the fitness freaks and athletes who have to deal with issues such as muscle tiredness, sore muscles, etc.

I also went on and recommended it to some of my bodybuilder friends as it would help them to release the muscle tension quickly.


E:\Rahul Ji JHA\Content Which Needs to be posted ASAP\Inversion Table\FDA TENS Unit and EMS Combination Muscle Stimulator with 2 Channels,.jpgSpecial features:


FDA TENS Unit is great for healing pain and for the recovery of muscles. TENS unit acts as a comforter in sciatic pain, muscle pain, joint pain, etc. and the EMS facility enhances muscle tone and strength.


It consists of 6 usable pads with 12 inbuilt modes and 20 adjustable levels which provide total convenience to the users.

Independent power channels

Two power channels A and B are available and each channel can be set to a different intensity level.


The portable design of this device enables the user to carry them conveniently while traveling.

Key Specifications

Type: TENS+EMS Muscle stimulator

Package weight: 12.5 oz

  • Massage, Reflexology & Acupressure options
  • Wide LCD screen
  • Adjustable 60-minute timer
  • Premium quality & durable built
  • EMS mode
  • No extra pads included


Great appearance and innovative features make this TENS unit a worthy buy! The automatic shut off after timing function works well and the portable features make it convenient to use at different avenues like homes, offices, etc.

Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


This FDA TENS Unit is a great performer and muscle reliever. The highlight of this device is its effectiveness and user-friendly specifications that make it buyable.

Easy@Home Rechargeable TENS Unit + EMS Muscle Stimulator

Tailor-made for people facing nerve pains, acute muscle pains, chronic pains, etc. the Easy@Home TENS Unit is beneficial for people who want to regain their muscle firmness.

This unit is clinically tested to be safe and useful in all types of nerve and muscle issues. The package includes 16 massage modes, 20 levels of intensity and 8 massage pads that are devised with the latest technologies and high-quality materials.


Easy@Home Rechargeable TENS Unit + EMS Muscle StimulatorUnique Features:

Faster muscle recovery

Fitness freaks and athletes can use this device as it facilitates faster muscle recovery.

EMS stimulator

The EMS stimulator inbuilt in this device improves local blood circulation and provides relief from muscle cramps and spasms.


This device is totally automatic and comes with 16 preset modes and allows the application of 4 electrode pads at once.

Powerful & Portable

Though compact and lightweight, this device generates enough power to provide you with quick relief.

Key  Specifications

Strength level: 20 adjustment levels

2X channels

Package weight: 14.1 oz

  • Handheld device
  • 8 massage types
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Safe
  • None


This device acts as a powerful pain reliever and tones muscles. The price is economical as it provides both TENS and EMS functionalities.

We found the massage pads a bit irritating and sticky at first but the feeling subsides as the electric pulses start healing the pain.

Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


It is a travel-friendly device which provides relaxing comfort from pain and tiredness. But the real kicker is its long-lasting battery backup and noteworthy performance.

Hurry up; don’t miss this opportunity as all these TENS Units are always limited in stock due to excessive demand from worldwide customers!

Now that we have gone through so many TENS Units with EMS features, let us get a brief idea about its history and invention!

Benjamin Franklin pioneered the concept of electricity in medical science. In the mid-eighteenth century when there was no definitive treatment for paralysis, he treated the paralyzed people with electrical therapy with some success. Decades later, an American neurosurgeon named Clyde Shealy invented the first TENS Unit and patented it in 1974.

He was committed to finding a compact, portable and potent electrical pain reliever because all the earlier machines were either too big or had a lesser effect.

The TENS Unit only became more effective when it came to be used with the EMS stimulator. Today, we find hundreds of devices that are equipped with both EMS and TENS.

Buyer’s Guide

With so many TENS Units in the market, you are naturally going to get confused while choosing them. Therefore, we want to inform our customers about the things they should be looking at in a TENS unit and things they should not.

The bottom line is that you should not feel jealous if your friend buys a TENS unit which is far superior to yours.

Here are some features you must be looking for:


A regular TENS Unit is enough to cure your pain but what about your muscle tiredness and nerve strength? Therefore, I suggest our readers go for the EMS + TENS Unit which is going to cost you just a tad higher.


Don't go for the machines with very high-intensity levels if your pain is not devastating. Even people with excruciating pain are not able to reach the top level so why waste your money.


A compact device can be carried anywhere and anytime. Look for those little yet powerful machines that fit in your pocket perfectly.

Automatic modes

Many units come preloaded with different massage modes but when you closely observe or experience their effects, they do not seem to be much different from each other. Choose devices that provide entirely different massage therapies.

Now let’s look for the things you should not be doing while using a TENS Unit:

Do not keep your TENS Unit charging while you are using it or else be prepared to face electric pulses that can be faced only by wooden logs.

Many devices allow you to set different intensities across both the power channels but some devices transfer weaker signals if you do so. Do not go for a device that generates less power when set with different intensities.

Do not shut down your device before charging it. Some batteries will not charge if you shut the device off.

Do not use the electrode pads if they affect your skin texture and cause irritation. There are numerous skin-friendly spare pads available in the market at affordable rates.


TENS Unit is a completely safe and recommended product for all types of pain. We tried many of the above-mentioned units by ourselves and found no harm in using it. However, people with a tumor, hypertension or metal fixings in the body must consult a doctor before using it.

Production of natural painkiller Endorphin and stimulating pain-relieving sensation is what we have experienced after using these devices. What more can a person ridden with pain expect? Please write to us about your experience after buying a TENS Unit!

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