Best Way To Sleep With Neck Pain For A Healthier Neck

Are you waking up with severe pain in your neck? Are you afraid to move your neck even the slightest bits in fear of excruciating pain?

Is neck pain keeping you awake at night?

If the answers are yes, then you are most possibly a victim of a faulty sleeping position. While neck pain can occur for various reasons such as injury or age-related wear and tear, an astonishing number of people suffer from chronic neck pain because of their sleeping positions.

So, today, we’ve compiled the best way to sleep with neck pain for a healthier neck here.

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Do you sleep on your stomach?

If yes, you need to stop now! Sleeping habits form early in life and it is often difficult for one to change a long-term sleeping habit.

But, if you have been sleeping on your stomach, you need to make maximum efforts to change it. Why? When you sleep on your stomach, your neck stays in a twisted position throughout the night.

The muscles stay stretched to their limits and the spine stays under pressure. Is it at all a surprise that you’ll wake up with pain and discomfort in your neck? Not really.

So, how to guard against it? Using two pillows on both sides of your body may stop you from rolling over while asleep.

Another great way can be using a horseshoe-shaped pillow as neck support while sleeping.

This pillow will not only give your neck extra support while you sleep but also will make it uncomfortable to roll over on your stomach.

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Sleeping position and pillows can cause or reduce your neck pain

The best way to sleep with neck pain for a healthier neck is to sleep on your back or on the sides. More people prefer to sleep on their sides than on their backs.

No matter which is your preferred position, you need to ensure that your neck is properly aligned with your spine when you sleep.

Ensuring proper support for your neck is crucial for the healthier neck.

How do you do it? There are various different types of pillows that you can use to keep your neck healthy and pain-free.

  1. Feather Pillows:

    Feature pillows are great for sleeping with neck pain. These pillows conform to the shape of your neck and offer great support. But, the downside is, feather pillows tend to get compressed with use. So, you’ll most likely have to change your pillow every year.

  2. Memory Foam Pillows: Memory foam is one of the best materials for pillows and mattresses. The foam tends to conform to the contours of the body, offering great comfort and support. So, if you are suffering from neck pain, sleeping on a memory foam pillow can help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Side Sleepers Use a Higher Pillow: If you are a side sleeper, using an extra higher pillow under your neck is essential for support. Often, when you sleep on your side, the neck stays unsupported and thus causes a lot of discomforts. Using a second pillow under your neck can solve this issue nicely.


The neck is the most delicate part of your spine and thus is more vulnerable to injuries. While there’s nothing much that you can do for age-related neck pain, you can follow the instructions for finding the best way to sleep with neck pain for a healthier neck. Different people may experience a different level of neck discomfort.

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But, these tips will help you ensure a healthier neck and sounder sleep. You may be tempted to use a pillow that is too high or too stiff.

But, it’ll only increase the pain and not help you in the long run. Correct your sleeping posture, use a pillow that offers support and you can have a good night’s sleep even with neck pain.

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