Body fit inversion table: For a healthy spine!

An Body fit inversion table is nothing but equipment that allows you to decompress your spine by resting an inverted i.e. upside-down position. Vivian had terrible back pain and feared that he had done something very terrible with his back. Although a bit reluctant at first, he finally decided to meet up with his physician friend Rehan. Rehan did a few tests and scans and immediately realized that the main issue of Vivian was his bad posture.

This is not only an issue of Vivian but numerous individuals across the world have started experiencing problems with their posture and spine position.

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Lack of nutritious diet, mental stress, bad habits like smoking and drinking are the few reasons which can magnify your spine problems and result in bad posture or even more dreadful diseases like spinal disc hernia, lumbar disc disease, etc. and then you have no other option than a super expensive and painful back surgery.

Rehan suggested simple back exercises to Vivian but when the situation started to get worse he took him to a treatment center and asked him to relax on an inversion table. Initially, Vivian thought that it must be a routine check-up but the levers started to rotate and the bed started to move in an upward direction.

Rehan asked him to relax and enjoy the treatment. He cuffed his ankles and adjusted the headrest in a comfortable position. After reaching a specific angle, he suggested his friend rest for a while and after some time Vivian actually started to feel some relief.

However, it was not over yet as Rehan started the heat massage vibrator which was attached with the backrest of the table and soon Vivian started to feel his back again which had gone numb after suffering much pain and inconvenience.

After few such sittings the back pain reduced considerably and today Vivian is completely alright and has also got his erect body posture back.

Apart from providing relief from back pain, there are numerous other benefits of an inversion table which makes it the ideal equipment for your home.

Resting on an inversion table for a few minutes daily improves your posture, relieves muscle stress, reduces lower back pain and improves blood circulation.

So don’t sit idle and spoil your spine health as we providing you with a unique body fit inversion table that proves to be an effective solution for all your back issues.

Body Xtreme is a brand that is dedicated to improving the lifestyle and fitness of individuals across the world.

They have introduced a new inversion table with advanced heat massage therapy and ergonomic handles that prove to be a lifesaver for people with erratic back pains.

When I got a glimpse of this inversion table for the first time, I was not impressed at all as it looked like a fancy car seat.

However, the moment I rested my back on it I realized that I was being mistaken. It not only provides comfort and relief to my back but also went on to relieve some painful areas of the lower back which I had never even noticed before.

Therapeutic Inversion Table.jpg

Special features:


With ergonomic, long foam covered handles and comfortable backrest, this table provides both comfort and convenience to the users.

Surreal massage experience

Experience a sensational massage experience with effective multi-mode massage settings that can be set in both automatic and manual modes.

Moreover, heat therapy generates more positive results by increasing the blood circulation, flexibility and by minimizing the lower back pain.

Solid construction

Do not get tricked by the fancy design of this inversion table as it has also got great stability and a solid framework to support your body weight comfortably.

It can bear up to 280 pounds of body weight with ease and its firm stabilizers ensure your safety at all times.

Convenient to use & store

Body Xtreme provides a cooling towel with this table which allows you to dry yourself comfortable while you are sweating during intense heat therapy sessions.

Also, its foldable design allows you to store it conveniently when not in use.

  • Heavy duty & durable
  • Anti-slip rubber stabilizers
  • Free sweat resistant towel
  • Comforting massage therapy
  • The body takes a little time to get comfortable on the backrest

Therapeutic Inversion Table

Key specifications

Product Dimensions – 49 * 28 * 7 inches

A weight of package – 88.2 pounds


This inversion table is comparatively lighter than the other tables which make it easier to move around and foldable design enables you to store it easily.

My personal experience with the table was a memorable one because I found it extremely comfortable and efficient. The inversion is slow and relaxing. Comfortable footrest and secure ankle pads make you feel at ease while inverting.

Final thoughts

The wide and cushioned backrest gives it a sufficient overhead over the other inversion table. Some people can find it a bit expensive but believe me when I say that every penny is worth spending on this innovative and efficient inversion table.

Buyer’s guide

Most of the inversion tables look the same but you need to find out the best inversion table for you by comparing different inversion tables.

After that, you need to list down some features which make an inversion table qualify your requirements. Here are some of the features that can be considered before buying an inversion table:


Quality is one factor you cannot compromise on especially with inversion tables as a bad quality means inferior materials, technology, and design which ultimately results in poor performance.

Now, you will ask how to check the quality of online portals? The answer is simple, check for the material in the user manuals, read customer reviews and also view the price.

Do not go for the cheap inversion tables as most of the time the quality of materials is compromised to reduce the production cost.


The design of an inversion table is also important because it determines the effectiveness of its overall features. An ideal inversion table must have an automatic locking system to avoid accidents and collapses.

It must be made from premium grade materials and the structure should comprise cast iron or stainless steel for added toughness and security.

The frame should be designed with sufficient holding bars for stretching and improving the impact of spinal decompression. It can also consist of towel hangers for additional cooling and comfort during inversion.

The ankle straps and must be firm and strong enough to hold your body weight when you are upside down. Also, it must be easily foldable to provide ease of storage for the users.


The leading brands in the market such as Teeter and IronMan are known for providing user-friendly experience because they manufacture smoothly rotating inversion tables that can be easily controlled while inverting.


An ideal inversion table is a model that can be made operational in a quick time. The inversion tables should come with minimum assembly parts and the manufacturing company must provide a clear instruction manual with visual descriptions of assembly.

Advanced heat therapy

Regular inversion tables are good enough to decompress your spine but advanced Body fit inversion table come with heat massage and vibration capabilities.

People who do not have real back issues can opt for regular ones because they are less expensive and can be used to improve your posture and back strength.

However, people with issues such as lower back pain, spine injuries, etc. must lookout for the advanced therapeutic tables that provide instant relief from pains, spasms, etc.


A brand that is confident about the strength and long-lasting ability of its inversion table will attach more warranty to it whereas an unsure brand will provide an inversion table with the lesser warranty period.

Now it is up to you to decide whether to go for the fully-featured table with less warranty of moderately featured table with more warranty. A perfect balance of warranty, price, and features can prove to be an ideal inversion table.

Success stories

Don’t buy an Body fit inversion table after reading success stories from the official website. These stories are usually made up and cannot be completely trusted.

However, you can go for the inversion tables which are certified by third-party organizations. Now, some geniuses will say that even the certificates can be bought.

However, if it is true then all the leading brands would have flaunted FDA approval which is certainly not the case. You can also read the customer reviews on third-party shopping websites before buying an Body fit inversion table because most of the reviews there are unbiased and written by customers like you.


Some of the inversion tables come with freebies like free massage pads, free accessories, free app support, etc. Now, who doesn’t like to have things free of cost? But I would advise you to always analyze its actual features before jumping to a conclusion just because it is offering something free.


Inversion tables are already being spotted at gyms, treatment centers, etc. So you must consider buying it now before the demand gets too high. Believe me, there are several benefits offered by a perfect Body fit inversion table and buying one will certainly add some years to your spine’s life.

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