Buyers Guide For Inversion Table

Experiencing back and neck pains are common today. Irrespective of age, the cervical pains are running in the families, sometimes it is shocking to see a school going child suffering from neck pains or waist pains. The compression in the nerves in the cervical region is linked with the use of excessive gadgets, where the neck is pulled down (an attraction to the gravitational force), bad posture and majorly because of our own ignorance of the body & the well-being. The wear and tear of our body create pressure in the nerves that need to be decompressed.  To reverse the gravitation force, inversion table have come into the market which reverses the gravitation force by hanging the body upside down that is known release the pain by decompressing the nerves, pulling away from the disc that strengthens the bones, muscles and the ligament.

What does an Inversion table do to the body?

The inversion table is designed to perform inversion therapy where the body is the head is at an inverted angle while legs are at a higher level than the body. This therapy intensifies the benefit of using an inversion table that decompresses the nerves in the cervical regions. Proper usage of an inversion table can restore the disc size and structure, solve the degeneration issues of the spine and decompress the nerves, all of these are causes of unbearable pain in neck/back/shoulder.

The inversion table is made up of high-quality elements, auto-locking hinges, and pivot bearings.

An inversion table is helpful if you are suffering from any one of these:

  1. Back Pain: Backaches are mainly caused due to compression of the spine. Thus, easy tasks like lifting small weights, bending, sitting without support becomes extremely painful. Back pains can be decompressed when the spine is stretched in reversal to the gravitational pull of the Earth. Using an inversion table can help you stretch your spine which can relax your compressed nerves.
  2. Joint Pressure Pains: Have you noticed jerking or pressure in your joints particularly the knees after doing a heavy workout in the gym or playing one-sided games like tennis/golf? Take out a moment to know why it happens! The joints are the sensitive parts of the body that cannot bear the pressure you ask it to handle and hence it requires from time to time relaxation which can be done with the help of Inversion tables. It stretches the joints, elongates the muscles, releases the tension created within.
  3. Disorders from Lymph systems and other organs: Many lifestyle disorders are due to binge eating, relying on junk foods with little or no exercise. The toxins get accumulated in the body causing disorders. The body fluids travel in a single direction, which is a reversal to the gravitation pull of the Earth. A lot of times wastes like lactic acid, and other waste gets accumulated causing the blockage. Using inversion therapy, the waste can be eliminated as the body fluids travel in one direction i.e. against the gravity and thus the flow of the body fluids is increased.

Benefits of Inversion tables:

Inversion tables inverse your position, where the legs are higher than the heart and the heart is higher than the mind. It is similar to performing the head-stand asana in yoga, showing multiple benefits:

  1. Clear lymphatic vessels from accumulated wastes and increases the flow.
  2. It energizes the body, as the blood flows to the brain.
  3. Decompresses the nerve and relieves pain caused due to muscle spasm.
  4. A heart is at rest for a few moments (as the blood flows in the single direction). It is the only organ that works 24*7 in our body.

It is always better to check with the doctor before purchasing an inversion table.

Who Should Refrain From Using Inversion Table:

Not everything is good for everyone. Every therapy has its own limitations depending on the health conditions of the patients.

1. Doctors will never recommend patients suffering from any kind of cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure to use Inversion tables.


When the body goes upside down, it relaxes the heart for a few moments as the blood flows in anti-gravity direction. Hence, people suffering from high blood pressure/cardiovascular diseases should not undergo inversion therapy.

  1. People suffering from acute knee pain/ankle pain should not use an inversion table as many people complain of increased pain in their joints after undergoing this therapy.
  2. If you are using the table for the very first time, it is always healthy to keep someone with you just in case any assistance is required.

Now, that we have made clear to you about the inversion table lets look at some of our recommended inversion tables available on Amazon.

Features to Look At While Buying An Inversion Table:

  1. Ankle lock with hinges:

Always choose a table that has an ankle lock system with hinges as it supports your hanging legs. Carefully selecting this feature is very important as unlocking the hinges requires a considerable amount of bending which may increase the back pain.

  1. Comfortable seat:

Lumbar cushioning should be very comfortable. Isn’t that important? Also the headrest pad, backrest cushioning should provide comfort. Different inversion tables offer different levels of comfort- a few come with thick foam, a few with air technology.

  1. The body of the table:

Undergoing inversion on an inversion table requires a sturdy body built from durable steel. To come back to an upright position, we need strong and extended handles through which we can complete the inversion.

  1. Storage:

Folding inversion tables are the best, otherwise, they will occupy space in your living room or bedroom.

  1. Affordability:

Last but not the least, affordability of the inversion table- the higher the price, the more features, and comfortability should be of the inversion table

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