Ginger ale with turmeric & honey

Ginger ale with turmeric & honey

Botanical History of Ginger & Turmeric: Ginger ale and turmeric are being used in a variety of cuisines for hundreds of years and have become an integral part of our spice boxes. They are also well-known for their medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. Coincidentally, both of these spices belong to the Zingiberales group of plants. Key …

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Ayurvedic Bishop’s weed seed tea

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Botanical History of Bishop’s Weed Seed Tea: Bishop’s weed is a perennial branched plant that is naturally found in Egypt, Iran, and India. However, it has been cultivated in the U.S for many decades due to its antiseptic property and use as a preservative. Its seeds have been traditionally used for ailments such as indigestion, …

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