Choose the best inversion table that fits your budget !

Inversion tables are the perfect tools for inversion therapy and provide great relief from the issues of back pain and other joint or muscular pains.

These are quite an expensive piece of equipment and would require you to spend quite a lot of money. To choose from the wide list of models available in the market you would need to do a lot bit of research.

There are different models that have different features and characteristics. Now you have to decide which suits you best and offers a high value for money.

This is not something that you would buy every day so choose wisely and not just going after the brand name. Figure out your requirements and then check for availability as per that.

An expensive one might lure you into the fact that it is the best but never buy an inversion table without checking and testing. If it does not provide the correct type of inversion therapy then it might not be right for you.

Parameters to look into while buying an inversion table

The weight withstanding capacity of the inversion table is the first and foremost thing to be considered while purchasing an inversion table. This should be looked into carefully because if you end up purchasing an inversion table which is not suitable for at least withstanding the basic weight of your own self or your any family member, then it would be a complete waste of money.

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Always buy one which has a higher weight withstanding capacity than your own height and weight. The recommended weight withstanding capacity is anything between 200 to 400 pounds.

Another aspect that should not be neglected is the build quality of the inversion table.

The inversion table is used mainly to cure muscular pain and back pain issues. So definitely buy one which has a high and strong build quality. An inversion table which has a strong build quality is a trademark of the genuine product.

Strong build quality makes the product last longer than normal products and offers strong durability. Inversion tables usually come with backrest and ankle rest and these are the ones that provide the best user experience. But the most important thing to be kept in mind while purchasing an inversion table is the fact that it meets all the industry standards.

If it does definitely go for it.

Inversion tables must be safe enough and protect you from any kind of unwanted injuries because if you keep getting more and more injuries from that piece of equipment which is supposed to cure your pain, then probably you should not buy it.

It should feature all the necessary safety features and measures.

Inversion therapy involves the process of inverting upside down in order to relieve you from the pain caused in the spine and back areas.

So make sure you are safe enough while performing that therapy. Also, look out for any kind of seat belt that might come with your inversion table. It will help you stay safe while performing inversion therapy.

Apart from these, also look out for the angle of rotation of the inversion table. Some inversion tables come with a wide variety of rotation angles while some come with a limited number of angles.

So in order to get the best user experience from your inversion table and maximum result from your inversion therapy always buy an inversion table that has a wide variety of rotation angle options.

It should recline properly and the best choice will be to select one that goes reclining up to 180 degrees.

There are often some other models also that you will come across featuring vibration pads as well. During inversion therapy, your muscles stretch out and this releases a lot of energy.

So give you relief from that heat or from that tiredness of stretched out muscles, it is always better to have vibrating pads in your inversion table. It is also very useful in removing the tension developed between muscles while performing inversion therapy. This is one of the premium features that will surely enhance your user experience.

Lastly, you may come across some of the models which have heat controlling capabilities as well, anti-slip pads and some of the extra massaging features also.

Now it is up to you to decide what are the features that you require the most in order to the best results from your inversion therapy.

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