How to get relief from period cramp fast

Menstruation is a natural part of a woman’s life. But, that does not make it any less cumbersome. While the monthly hormonal changes are quite enough to disrupt your daily life, for many women the monthly condition comes with severe menstruation cramps or periods cramps.

The cramps happen because your uterus contracts during the periods to shed the uterine lining. However, the intensity and painfulness of these cramps vary from woman to woman.

For many women, periods cramps can be a miserable and intensely painful monthly occurrence that they simply have to tolerate. The good news is there are a number of ways you can elevate the pain during those days. So, here’s how to get relief from period cramps fast!

1. Take a long hot bath

Well, a hot bath is definitely a nice way to relax. But, if you are experiencing painful cramps, a hot bath can be a lifesaver.

The warm water helps relax the muscles around the abdomen and can instantly reduce the intensity of cramps. To make it even better, put some relaxing essential oil such as lavender oil in the water and have a good soak.

2. Grab a heating pad or hot water bottle

Heat relaxes muscles. So, grabbing a heating pad, or heat wrap can help you in taking down the periods cramp a few notches.

You can easily purchase these items from your local drug store or order them online. Simply putting the heating pad on your abdomen works instantly in relieving the cramps.

In case, you do not have a heating pad handy, simply heat up some water, but it is a water-tight bottle and place it on your abdomen. It’ll work the same way and give you much comfort.

3. Get Moving

Exercise releases a hormone called Endorphins, which is the natural painkiller and mood booster of your body.

So, if you are having extreme discomfort and looking for how to get relief from period cramp fast, then doing some exercise can help you feel better.

While some yoga poses or running can do wonders, light exercises like walking, jogging or stretching can also reduce cramps to a great extent.

4. Massage your abdomen area

A relaxing massage is always great for your body. However, during periods, a simple 5 minutes massage around the abdomen can bring unbelievable relief.

Take any drug store massage cream and work around the abdomen area for 5 to 10 minutes. This will increase the blood flow in the area and relax the muscles, resulting in lesser cramps.

You can also use natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or argan oil mixed with some relaxing essential oil like lavender oil or rosemary oil for a completely natural and soothing experience.

5. Drink some water

Many women experience bloating during their periods, which can result in added discomfort. Drinking at least 8-9 glasses of water during your periods week will help reduce the bloating.

Moreover, hydrating your muscles well will help the uterus to shed the lining soon. In case, you are not a big water person, you can add some lemon wedges or mint to it.

Menstruation is hard to deal with and the answer for how to get relief from period cramp fast is not always right or easy to find. If all else fails, you can always take some over the counter pain medication to help elevate the pain.

However, if you are experiencing extreme pain or discomfort and none of these remedies are of any help, it might be an indicator of a serious health concern. Go for a complete gynecological checkup to be on the safe side!

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