How to Use an Inversion Table Correctly

Inversion therapy has been a part of Yoga practices since ancient times. Inversion simply uses gravitational pull to increase disk space, giving relief to patients suffering from herniated discs, spinal stenosis or any other similar condition.

Inversion tables give you the same benefits, sans the need to balance your body on your head. Inversion tables simply let you hang in a completely or partially inverted position in a safe manner aka with contraptions. But, improper use may cause more harm than good.

So, the question is how to use an inversion table correctly? If you have recently bought an inversion table and cannot wait to start, here are some step by step guides.

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Step 1: Adjust the table

Inversion tables come with instruction manuals. Read the manual carefully and follow the steps for adjusting the table for your height. Your head should rest comfortably on the bed of the table. So, if it is hanging over the edge, the adjustments are not proper.

Step 2: Decide on the inversion degree

Well, 180-degree inversion has its benefits. But, for complete beginners, it may create an uncanny feeling and physical discomfort. So, for starting out, you may want the board to be at a slanted angle.

Once you are accustomed to angle, you may gradually increase the degree of inversion, coming to a completely upside down 180-degree angle. Most good inversion tables come with safety traps that let you choose the inversion degree. Simply adjust the strap to your preference and you answer the question of how to use an inversion table correctly.

Step 3: Position yourself on the table

Once the angle is set, stand with your back against the table and secure your foot on the footrests. Lean back to rotate the table to an inverted position. In your table comes with handles, hold onto them. Moving slowly is advisable here.

Step 4: Stay inverted

Now that you are in an inverted position, breathe deeply and relax. There is no hard and fast rule on how long you should stay inverted. Simply listen to your body here. For beginners, you may find it uneasy to stay inverted even for two minutes. So, start with a tiny amount of time; like 2-3 minutes. Once you become accustomed to the inversion therapy, you may increase the time as much as you feel comfortable with.

Step 5: Do some light exercises in the inverted position, if you can

Now, this is not for beginners. If you have been using the inversion table for quite some time and are completely comfortable with it, you may try and perform some exercises in this position. Stretching and performing crunches are the two most popular inversion table exercises for fitness enthusiasts.

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Step 6: Come back to the upright position

Simply pull yourself with the handle to return to the upright position. It is crucial to do this slowly to avoid dizziness. When in an upright position, wait for a little to feel steady and then unstrap your feet and step out of the table.

Now that you know, how to use an inversion table correctly, go ahead, try it. Inversion tables can be immensely beneficial for spine health and overall wellness. Start using it today for a pain-free back!

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