Ironman Inversion Table Review

In the case you are looking to buy a sturdy ironman inversion table but have become confused about which one to go for considering the fact that there are a good number of options available in the market for this product, it is important that you go through this review for it will provide you insight into two among the most popular of inversion tables and take a decision of buying either depending on the which one suits your needs the best.

It is necessary that you read through carefully to have all of the questions that arise in your mind answered.

This review will offer you details of not only the product’s features but also the options of storage it provides along with the various upsides of getting your hands on an inversion table of this stature.

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IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

Let us first begin with this Inversion Table which is also known as the ironman 5402 from time to time, in the market. It will do you good to know that this particular product has widely been regarded as one of the bestselling ironman inversion tables on a number of online shopping applications of good repute and has mostly received positive reviews from customers as well. It must be made known to you that the price in which it comes for maybe slightly more than the other inversion tables from Gravity but it is worth the price for being configured with state of the art features that the other inversion tables miss.

Ironman Inversion Table.jpg

How This Table Is Different

For all of you interested in purchasing an Inversion table, it is important to understand that these tables are always capable of offering a singular range of movement and motion that can help you position your body in such a way that you are not accustomed to, for the simple reason that you may not have tried such exercises prior to this. However, it is important that you understand that in order to be able to reach certain angles that are able to provide the best of the health benefits, it is crucial for you to remain confident of the fact that you will be supported well and kept secure throughout the process of the inversion.

It is to this end that this particular product becomes such a success among fitness enthusiasts because the product is designed in a way to provide such security elements to your fitness routine, about which this piece will discuss at length.

Features Incorporated In The Design

At Gravity, most attention is devoted to keeping you and your postures secure and in doing so they have felt the need for the sturdiness of the table that allows such workout sessions without problems.

This particular Ironman inversion table has made use of a tubular frame of steel that is extra wide and remains fitted with a sturdy rubber non-skid stabilizer for the floor that prevents any sudden or unwanted movements.

This particular model also comes with one of the strongest frames that are observed which offers a weight capacity of 350 lbs.

In addition to this, the exterior has been shrouded with a powder-coated finish that is scratch resistant and does not allow abrasions or rust to take control of the body.

It must also be mentioned that since this Inversion table can use by different users, the table’s boom section has been kept adjustable so that users can choose from a list of back support settings.

Features That Benefit The Body

The features that have been incorporated into the body of this inversion table, aside, there are also a number of features of the table that assists your body during the workout session.

Some of these features are noteworthy to mention for they are able to do much for your body. The first of such a feature is the sturdiness of the table that reduces stress on your back and stimulates proper circulation around your body.

It must also be kept in mind that this table folds up into away a smaller model for ease of storage and you are given three choices of starting positions to choose from according to your comfort and ease.

Elements Of Safety

Since your work out regime should always be smooth and without hindrance, each Ironman inversion table from the house of Gravity is made following extensive elements of safety that will ensure that you can lie down on the table with your eyes closed.

It is important to take note of the fact that the inversion tables, in order to ensure the maximum degree of safety is configured with highly adjustable the tether straps of safety as also vinyl covers for the side which protects your hands and also fingers while you are on the process of inverting.

It must also be mentioned that these inversion tables have ankle support plots that also come with safety locks so there is no way of meeting with uncalled for accidents.


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The Various Advantages Of Using The Inversion Table

There are various health benefits attached to the regular use of such inversion tables, and in this regard, it is important to mention a few of them in this review. Some of these advantages have been listed below for your convenience:

  • These tables make use of gravity in order to straighten as also elongate your spine. This helps your back muscles in getting relaxed thus removing the pain.
  • It is also able to reduce back stress by means of increasing the space left between the ligament and the vertebral discs.
  • The table is rather helpful in easing chronic pains in the back as also tiredness and stiffness in your muscles.
  • It helps in increasing and stimulating the proper circulation of blood around the body.
  • The lower back pains that you experience as a result of long hours of sitting or standing will also be lessened considerably with the help of this inversion table.
  • After delivery of the parts of the product, you will find it rather simple to assemble back and start using.
  • This table also provides ease of storage and transporting around because of its folding property.
  • Provision of safety as a result of handrails, steel frame, and tether straps.
  • The longevity of parts.
  • Superior back support technique made using nylon memory foam.
  • Can easily accommodate users with a variety of body type and height.
  • As is the case with any product in the market, the inversion table also has a con and it is the fact that the heavy weight of the table makes it much difficult for the table to be moved around from place to place when the need so arises.


Ironman Inversion Table

IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table, 350 Lbs

With the rise in popularity of home inversion therapies, most companies are striving to step up their game by bringing to the fore newer innovations to the existing Inversion tables with added features. It is one such relatively newer model which holds up to a weight of 350 lbs and the second part of the review will be dedicated to talking about the various provisions, advantages, features and pros and cons of this particular model so that you can take your pick from the two top models depending on your suitability with the product over a number of factors.

IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table.jpg

The Product

It is of foremost importance to first let you know that this particular model is the more affordable side of things; it comes with a number of features from the house of fitness equipment manufacturers that is of great repute and has won several awards in this field.

The product has been specially designed to provide users with a performance that is reliable as well as durable. It is a product that epitomizes the concepts of endurance and quality all around the fitness industry.


Several features have been included in the model for the simple reason of making your experience with the table much smoother and it is these features that set the table a class apart from the various inversion tables that are now available in the market.

Some of these features include a wide tubular steel frame that is configured for providing undue strength as well as support to the entire frame, in addition to having a foaming backrest which eases tension in your back. There is also the presence of safety handrails that provide security to your limbs while you are in the act of inverting as also non-skid stabilizers that allow no wayward movement during the act of inversion.

These inversion tables also come with ergonomically molded cushions for the ankle that provides added comfort as also security to the user. The table is able to invert to 180 degrees with a weight limit of 340 lbs and can hold a person who is up to 6’6” inches tall.

Features Incorporated In The Design

In addition to the number of features that increase ease of usage for the customers, these inversion tables also come with certain other features that lend the model the state of the art and advanced look, feel and usability that it comes with.

Some of these features include a patented system of ratchet that enables world-class locking and unlocking features around the ankle. It is also coated with a powdery finish that does not allow scratches or abrasions to register on the surface of the table’s body.

The dimensions of the product are 65”h x 26”w x 49”d and the dimensions of the product when it has been folded are a startling 80”h x 26”w x 17”d. The total weight of the product is 67 lbs which are not very inconvenient.

Unbelievable Health Benefits Of The Product

There are several health benefits attached to the regular usage of this product, and in this regard, it is important for you to be aware of them so as to make sure you are buying an inversion table that will be able to address the health problems that you are experiencing.

Some of these health benefits have been listed below for your convenience:

  • This particular product will prove to be rather beneficial in improving your overall lung function by means of recirculation of blood that may have accumulated in your lower lung region.
  • It is also helpful in improving heart function as it is able to provide a certain degree of rest to the heart during the act of inverting. This is because important muscles are not involved when your body is in an upside-down position.
  • The product has reportedly been rather helpful in the lessening of stress and improving your quality of sleep and eradicates problems of falling asleep.

Ease In Assembling And Storing The Product

One of the most crucial features of an inversion table or for that matter fitness equipment is the way in which it can be assembled upon delivery and stored after it has been used for the day and in this regard, this particular product is a total steal for it provides maximum ease of assembly and very convenient storage options. It is important first to mention that this particular product, in a bid to cut down on the time taken for assembly, comes with a pre-assembled form that is accompanied by a double U frame but is attached to a single piece. The product also an instruction module, which comprises of easy to follow steps as also references to parts, so that users can understand how each of the parts is needed to be fitted together. There are also three different settings that you can use depending on the degree of inversion you wish for. It must also be made known to you that should the need arise, you have the option of folding this product into a virtually flat form which will take some time to achieve but once done will provide great ease of storage.

Added Benefits Provided By The Manufacturers

It is also noteworthy that the company provides certain added perks and services to you upon your purchase of this particular product and they are the fact that it comes with a frame warranty of one year along with part warranty of ninety days within which if you experience any sort of problems with the product, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to look into the matter or provide you with a better unit of the same model.

  • It helps regular users with reducing back pain in the lower portion with just a few minutes of usage on a daily basis.
  • Really fast and easy assembly instructions.
  • You are not required to embark upon any heavy lifting activity.
  • Customer services provided by the manufacturers do have not only fast responses but also addresses requests for replacement of parts within a really short notice.
  • Adjustable support for the back makes this product ideal for users of a wide range.
  • The frame design of the product is rather sturdy.
  • There are handles attached to the base of the product frame which makes the work of holding the full inversion rather easy.
  • There are a small number customer reviews from the product that report problems in the durability of the feet support of the product.
  • There is an absence of the lumbar pillow that provides added support to the lower back region that is there in the model that follows this one.
  • It is also rather beneficial in building the muscle strengths of the core regions of the body. This happens especially when you combine it with certain inversion exercised as well.

iron man high capacity gravity 3000 inversion table


Therefore, it can be said of the products that they are both able to improve the quality of your fitness regime to a great degree without burning a hole in your pocket.

The products made by the manufacturing house have been designed in a way that can ensure the inclusiveness of all features that most high-end inversion tables lack and it is because of this that the two of these products have raced ahead of others in the industry.

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