Panda Life pillows: Submerge yourselves in the world of pure comfort!

Have you ever imagined your life without pillows? Remember the last time you had a playful fight with your sibling and your favorite pillow came to the rescue or for the countless number of times it has been a close friend when you had lots to tell but no one to hear.

It has also been a comforter when you had a tiring day at the office or playground. Life is unimaginable without these cozy, slushy, squeezable and huggable pillows which improve your sleep quality and help you to wake up fresh and energetic.

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The earliest known pillows in history were made from stones. Yes, you have heard it right, stones! Our ancestors used them for supporting their head and neck while sleeping and they also prevented the insects and bugs from entering their mouths, nose, and ears.

Since then, the pillows have come a long way as today, different materials like microfiber, coconut fiber, etc. are being used to elevate their comfort levels.

Also, therapeutic pillows are being introduced in the market every day as an option to relieve muscle pain and nerve tension. From all these various kinds of pillows, the one name which is debated over on different websites and e-commerce portals is the Panda Life pillow.

With too many inquiries but too little information and reviews available about these pillows, I decided to explore and see their actual benefits for myself.

Panda Life is a U.S based company committed to providing unadulterated soothing comfort to the customers by creating the delightful, luxurious yet affordable line of sleeping products and accessories.

It uses natural bamboo fiber for manufacturing a fabric that eventually goes in their pillow and mattress covers. One noteworthy thing about this fabric is its amazing moisture-wicking property.

You must have seen the term “moisture wicking” on various clothing apparel and wondered about its actual meaning.

Let me clear this term for my readers. A moisture-wicking fabric absorbs the sweat from your skin, brings it to the outer surface and then dries it almost instantly.

Similarly, a pillow covering that feature moisture-wicking property draws moisture from your skin but does not allow it to saturate on the fabric. As a result, it keeps you dry and comfortable during sleeping or resting.

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Many people were praising the Panda Life pillows to be a lifesaver but me being a curious optimist decided to put them on the test.

After testing and resting on almost all these pillows, I found two of them to be the best and therefore decided to share their reviews with all of you.

Panda Life Shredded Memory Foam Pillow-Queen – A gratifying experience!

Going through a phase of lackluster sleep quality or insomnia? This Queen-sized pillow filled with shredded memory foam will certainly help you get a deep and sound sleep.

My 5-year-old niece Sonia has sensitive skin and is allergic to textiles like cotton, polyester, etc. Almost all the pillows have cotton covering so she had no choice but to sleep without a pillow which has visible effects on her sleep quality and overall health. When I first read about this pillow I came to know that it had a rayon viscose covering that was made of natural bamboo fiber. After consulting with our family doctor we decided to give it a try. Her sleep quality improved from the first night as she woke up with a smile in the morning and whispered, “It’s so soft” in her cute childish way.

Special features:


Panda Life Queen-sized pillow is hypoallergenic which means that the people who deal with allergies can use it gleefully. The rayon fabric covering made from natural bamboo fiber feels gentle, soft and cool. It gets softer after every wash and its shredded memory foam filling ensures that you sleep and rest peacefully. Moreover, people who wake up with a stiff neck or a headache have experienced positive results after using it.


Are you a person who sweats a lot during sleep? This amazing Panda Life pillow features a moisture-wicking cover that does not allow the moisture to saturate on it. As a result, you can sleep without any disturbance or discomfort.


Bamboo fiber is a strong material that gets softer after every use but remains firm and unaffected. Purchase this soothing pillow and it will remain intact for years to come!

Temperature control

One feature which I loved about this pillow is its magical ability to adjust itself according to our body temperature. It gets amazingly cool when the climate is humid and delivers a warm comfort during winters.

  • Moisture wicking
  • Soft & Cosy
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • It looks a little compressed in the beginning. Allow it to regain size by not using it for the first 24 hours after unpacking.

Key specifications

Covering fabric – Rayon made from bamboo fibre

Filling – Shredded memory foam

Product Dimensions – 17 * 8.5 * 14.5

Weight – 4.05 pounds


Everything seems to be perfect about this Panda Life pillow apart from the fact that it is a bit costly. However, I would recommend this pillow to the people who have fussy sleeping habits and those who feel tired after waking up.

It is better to buy one long-lasting and soothing pillow rather than experimenting with a dozen. So, it is definitely worth every single penny that is charged for it. Get this pillow now and bid adieu to those sleepless and restless nights!


Your bed is not always the culprit behind you waking up with a stiff neck or a sore back. Many people have replaced their regular pillows with this pillow and it proved to be a life-changing decision for them.

Along with that, the special bamboo fiber pillow covering makes it a must-have for everyone.


Panda Life Shredded Memory Foam Pillow-Queen, 2 Pack – Eases out pain & pressure

These cream-colored, squishy and comforting pillows are ideal for individuals who are looking for an extra pair of relaxing and supportive pillows. These pillows are sized differently as compared to the earlier Panda Life pillow and are in great demand among the customers.

A cotton pillow requires hundreds of gallons of water but this pillow is made from bamboo fiber which grows on its own. Therefore, I would recommend this pillow pair to everyone who is concerned about water conservation.

Special features:


These Panda Life pillows support the sensitive muscles of your neck while providing comfort to your head and shoulders.

Moreover, they are flexible enough to adjust according to the contours of your neck, shoulders, and head which enables you to sleep comfortably in any position. As a result, you wake up feeling fresh and light!

Convenient to use

The rayon cover of these pillows is removable and can be conveniently washed in washing machines. These pillows are soft, light and can be conveniently carried while traveling as well.


These pillows comprise a high-quality rayon covering and are filled with premium quality shredded memory foam. Therefore, they are weather-resistant, strong and durable.


Many people have sensitive nose and skin. These pillows are hypoallergenic and odor free which make them ideal for people dealing with different types of allergic reactions.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Large size
  • Cool & refreshing
  • Anti moisture
  • Some people have complained about its peculiar odour

Key specifications

Product dimensions – 17.7 * 13.6 * 7.6 inches

Weight – 7.94 pounds


Some of the customers complained that these pillows have an unpleasant smell and individuals with sensitive nose did find it a bit inconvenient.

However, I did not find any such issues with these pillows. People who find these pillows smelly should wash them or keep them in the open air and I am sure the awful smell will go away.

Overall I liked this pillow set which is ideal for your king size and queen size beds.


Designed to support the weight and contours of your neck, shoulders, and head, this Panda Life Pillow set is a perfect replacement for your old and flat pillows. This pillow set is extremely cushiony, smooth, soft and adjusts itself according to your body temperature. A soothing and comfortable pillow pair like this will surely find a place in many bedrooms!


User’s Guide

After going through all these Panda Life pillows some of you might think of buying these extra comforting pillows. However, in this section, I want our readers to get an idea about the features that should be considered before buying a Panda Life pillow or any other pillow for that matter.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is made from Polyurethane and adjusts itself according to your body contours. It was first used in the NASA spacecraft to provide additional comfort to the astronauts while sleeping and resting. Today, different forms of memory foams are used in bedding accessories such as mattresses, pillows, etc. to provide comfort to the common man.

Different types of memory foam pillows are available in the market such as traditional memory foam pillows, wedge memory foam pillows, contour memory foam pillows, and shredded memory pillow.

The shredded memory foam pillows are the most comfortable ones as they are made from fine shreds of memory foam and are packed closely to increase their bounciness and flexibility.

They do not get heated up as they are more soothing and breathable than other types of memory foam.

Benefits of shredded memory foam pillows:

Erect posture

A shredded memory foam pillow relaxes the muscles of your back and neck by supporting correct spine alignment. It improves your posture and also helps you to maintain your spine health.


A person can be suffering from muscle soreness and stiff neck or back pain due to his incorrect sleeping position. The shredded memory foam pillows conform according to your body contours and weight. They allow you to submerge yourself into a relaxing comfort and relieve pain, stiffness, and soreness from your neck and back muscles.


Many of you might be wondering what these pillows are costlier than others. Well, the reason for it is its long-lasting quality. These pillows do not get compressed after regular use and do not shrink after washing.

They retain their size, softness, do not get lumpy and do not lose their shape. All these qualities in a single pillow make them alluring and absolutely buyable!


All the memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic means you do not have to worry about the allergic reactions, dust infections, etc. This feature makes them ideal for individuals who are suffering from asthma.

Machine washable

The memory foam pillows are machine washable and dry quickly as well. Moreover, you can dry them conveniently in tumble dryers.


These pillows have a unique feature called moisture wicking which dries the moisture and sweat from your body instantly. The result is a dry comfortable feeling which enhances your sleep quality.

All these features make the shredded life pillows an apt solution for your diverse comfort needs.

The Panda Life pillows are fine specimens of shredded memory foam pillows and they also carry the additional benefits of rayon viscose cover made from bamboo fibers.

However, they have a few drawbacks which need to be analyzed as well.

Shredded memory foam pillows are slightly heavier than your regular cotton pillows. The reason for this is the dense nature of the memory foam. These pillows can weigh anywhere between 1 to 2 kilograms depending on their size and dimensions.

Also, these pillows have a peculiar odor which is a case with all the memory foam mattresses and pillows.

However, you need not to worry about it as the odor disappears if you leave it in the open air or wash it a couple of times before using.


Panda Life pillows are the perfect blend of comfort and hygiene. Along with that, they are tailor-made for relieving pressure and pain from your tender neck and back muscles.

They are good for your spine health as well which makes them a “must-have” bedroom accessory for everyone.

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