The 3 Best Coconut Oil Gels from Eco Style (Get exclusive details, reviews, and comparisons.)

Everyone can point out a coconut but only a few can list out the whole list of products in which coconut is used. Whether it be a refreshing drink on the beach to the oil to cook your meal, coconuts provide us with end number bare necessities to survive on. Today, the mainstream industry is recognizing the healing properties in coconut and have started manufacturing products to completely utilize the nut.

Modern pieces of machinery and innovation have made what was once considered impossible, possible. Ecoco Incorporations, the cosmetic manufacturer launched a brand called ECO STYLE and today we’ll be reviewing the Coconut Oil Gel to know more about how ECOCO has revolutionized the way modernity looks at coconut oil. Read on, you won’t be disappointed.

Things to keep in mind when buying an Eco Style Coconut oil Gel

There are some important factors one needs to keep in their mind while selecting a gel and they’re listed below.

  • The ingredients

The ingredients can vary from one product to other depending on the nature and purpose of the product. Even though some items may be different, out of all of them, there’s a consistent element and that is coconut oil. The whole gel is based on this product. Eco Style boasts of its products to be made of 100% genuine coconut and its oil.

  • Why Coconut?

There are several products out there that may provide the same things that Eco-style promises but with an ample amount of research, one can find out that all of them contain coconut oil as a significant ingredient. Why go for products that have coconut mixed with chemicals when you can use the purest form of coconut gel oil? Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat called “lauric acid” who, when mixed with glycerol, penetrates the hair shaft to work on the damaged hair.

  • Regular use

It doesn’t matter whether you face any kind of hair damage or not, this styling gel will work it’s magic either ways. Men, women and even children can use it every day to not just apply for good hair growth but the gel formula gives it a superior hold and you style your hair any way you want without worrying about any repercussions.


 1. Eco-style Coconut Styling Gel  

A 16 ounce weighed perfect hair gel for regular or intermediate uses.

Eco-style Coconut Styling Gel 


The 100% pure coconut oil gel from Eco-style is a game-changer in the world of hair gels. The authenticity of the coconut promote a healthy scalp and also contributed to longer and stronger hair growth.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely Natural

The compositions of this gel are 100% natural coconut oil and enhance the hair in all ways and don’t show any kind of side effects. This hair gel saves you the trouble of cooking up home remedies for hair falls and ensures a healthier scalp with long-lasting shine.

  • Unisexual

The product is meant for both men and women whether they’re facing issues with their hair, or not. This product is safe to use for everyone.

  • Anti-itch formula

The advanced formula doesn’t only make sure you look good with style but you can also say goodbye to all types itches in the head. Whatsoever the reason is, whether it be due to flakes or sweating, this hair gel is a one-stop solution for all your worries.

  • Compatibility

This hair gel is pretty much compatible with any and all kinds of hair types, whether it be greasy, rough, dry or even if you’ve got dandruff. Regular application will rid you of all your hair issues and promote dense hair growth.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • 100% Natural Coconut Oil
  • No flake, tack and anti-itch formula
  • Contributes to hair length.
  • Some users did complain about the scent of this product and didn’t like it.


  1. Big Eco-style Coconut oil Styling 

This big coconut styling gel may look the same but comes with its own perks. The 5lbs gel is made for the one’s who’ve tried it once and now can’t get enough of it.

Big Eco-style Coconut oil Styling 


This 5lbs coconut oil gel is easy to use and will heal your scalp in no time. The additional perk of this product is that it has a formula that saves it harmful UV rays and also has added fragrance for the ones who’re a bit sensitive to smell as coconut oil can be a strong scent not exactly liked by all.

Feature and Benefits

  • Ingredients

The formula has been created to naturally treat all types of hair and in all weather conditions. The list of ingredients includes water, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, PVP, Phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 20, Tetrasodium EDTA, Coconut oil, and finally last but not least Perfume (Parfum).

  • Ease of Application

The Coconut oil hair gel is very easy to use and you can apply it to style your hair, show off new styles in the office and impress colleagues with the end result of this natural hair gel. To use, take some of the hair gel and you can apply it to your hair either wet or dry doesn’t matter, take the desired amount of gel through the hair and style into anyone you want.

  • Weightless hold

The hair gel adds in lustre and shines to your hair, it also moisturizes the hair to make sure you look amazing throughout the day. The weightless hold and long-lasting shine along with protection from harmful UV rays make this the perfect gel to use in all weather conditions if you care enough about your hair, and trust me, you should or else end up with receding hairlines and baldness.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • UV Protection
  • Promoted Scalp health
  • Easy-to-apply and style
  • Too greasy for some users.

  1. Eco Style Coconut Oil Gel (Small size) 

Not everyone can carry around a 5lbs hair gel when travelling, hence this smaller version promises although smaller in size can cover the basic properties of a coconut oil hair gel.

Eco Style Coconut Oil Gel (Small size) 


This 3oz small travel-sized coconut oil styling gel ensures you may run out of spaces but won’t run out of swag and style everywhere you go. This small, though effective gel keeps you company while travelling to farther places or even a regular walk to the office. Get a washroom, get a mirror, take out your personal hairstylist and never run out of style.

Feature and Benefits

  • 100% Pure coconut oil

The authentic natural hair styling gel heroes coconut oil as its main element which heals your scalps naturally and sets up its own moisturizing system. The oil also helps to attract and trap moistures to the scalp which eventually makes it shiny and dense.

  • Guaranteed no flake and no tack

The hair gel has been designed to ensure the user has optimum benefits of coconut oil. The anti flake and no tack formula makes it easier to style your hair without any complications or discomfort

  • Pocket Size

The small size is a blessing to all those who might not always get the time to take care of their hair. The small-sized pack makes sure that no matter what you never find yourself in a hair emergency with no options. This small pack can nourish, repair and promote hair growth on the rush for you, you just need a mirror and you’re all set.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Long-lasting hold and shine
  • Easy to carry, travel size
  • Some users complained, even with anti flake promises, it left a cakey white residue..


These are some of the Eco Style Coconut Oil Hair styling Gel available globally and are the best formulas to be found currently in the market. One thing common with all these gels is that they have premium quality ingredients and can be easily incorporated into your daily life. We have done your homework; we’ve researched and presented you with a reasonable price range. When it comes to one’s looks, never compromise, look your best, and gain that confidence which makes you own the world.

We did our part, make sure you choose the best according to your choice. Do keep coming back to us for more such detailed and informative comparisons.

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