What is Inversion Therapy and How is it Magical for Your Health

Have you been researching about inversion therapy for sometimes? If yes, then you are in the right place. Inversion therapy has been a talked about topic for health and wellness enthusiasts for quite some time; especially among those focusing on back pain related issues. Well, in this article, we’ll discuss what is inversion therapy and how is it magical for your health.

Let’s answer the first thing first!

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What is inversion therapy?

Inversion therapy revolves around hanging in the upside-down position or at an inverted angle where your leg is higher up than your head. There are a number of practices and equipment used for inversion therapy.

Depending on the equipment being used, inversion therapy involves hanging by your legs, feet or ankle.

While there are varied methods of inversion, the most popular and not to mention the safest way of hanging upside down remains inversion therapy table or inversion table, as they are popularly known.

The inversion table is basically table-like equipment that straps on your feet and lets you slowly invert the position of your body as well as come back to the normal position with the help of handles.

The strap-on system and complete control make inversion tables the most popular inversion equipment.


So, how does inversion therapy works?

This is the next phase of your question what is inversion therapy and how is it magical.

Inversion therapy is used to relieve stubborn back pain caused by herniated discs, degenerative discs disease, sciatica or any other disc-related problem.

The therapy uses spinal decompression to reduce pressure on the discs, increase the space between two discs and strengthening back muscles that support the spine.

Sounds like magic?

Well, the effects may feel magical, but there is solid science behind it.

Most discs related occur because of spinal compression or disc dislocation. Meaning, when you are sitting, standing or generally going about our day, earth’s natural gravity keeps tugging at our spine.

Now, the spine is made of tiny parts known as discs. Thanks to the constant gravitational pull, the spaces between these discs get compressed with time. As a result, the nerve endings get pressurized and we have nagging back pain.

The situation further worsens, if there is any discs deformity. In that case, the misplaced or bulged discs cannot get back to its original position or cannot fit comfortably within the spine. This creates excruciating pain that can often disrupt daily life.

Inversion therapy simply recommends inverting the body upside down for some period of time daily or even multiple times a day. This way the earth’s gravitational pull works on decompressing the spin, instead of compressing it.

The result is often magical!

Inversion Therapy Results

Inversion tharepy Feature

In most cases, inversion therapy can do wonders where other back pain treatments fail. The process being completely non-invasive, there are lesser risks. Moreover, once you get used to the therapy, you can perform it on your own, at your home and without any assistance whatsoever. So, there is no way you’ll discontinue the treatment.

When practiced religiously, inversion therapy can not only manage but heal your back pain completely!

Now that you know what is inversion therapy and how is it magical for your health, it is time that you give it a try. Don’t suffer from excruciating back pain anymore, try this completely natural, non-invasive therapy to reduce and treat your back pain.

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