White willow bark tea

Why use White Willow Bark?

White willow bark is deemed to be good for curing headaches, body pain, and even arthritis. It is often referred to as “Miracle drug” as it is one of the widely researched and used by pharmaceutical companies all around the world.

White willow bark tea


Do not overuse the bits of white willow bark as painkillers as it can be a cause of deadly gastric ulcers.

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White willow bark tea

White willow bark tea is considered to be nature’s aspirin as it contains the salicylic acid which is also used to cure skin issues like acne, pimples, etc. Moreover, it can be used as an effective painkiller without any harmful side effects.

It is very easy to prepare white willow bark tea and it has long-term benefits when we consider issues like chronic back pain and lower back issues. Let us get to know how to make it!

Recipe name: White willow bark tea

Total time required – 30 to 35 minutes

Cooking method – Boiling

Serving – 1


  • White willow bark tea – 2 teaspoons
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Honey – 2 teaspoons
  • Cinnamon sticks – 4 to 5


  • Boil the water for 5 to 10 minutes and after that add the herb and cinnamon sticks in it.
  • Let it cool for 20 to 30 minutes until the tea gets dark red in color. Once the herb is fully settled in the water add honey to make it consumable.

A pain-relieving White willow bark tea is ready to be consumed.

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Some tips:

  • This tea tastes a bit bitter and needs to be sweetened with honey to make the taste bearable.
  • If you are pregnant or have a fever then you must avoid drinking this tea.


  • A natural painkiller, this recipe can be consumed by everyone who wishes to relieve themselves without having to depend on costly therapies and allopathic drugs.

Final thoughts:

This spicy tea eases out your lower back pain and alleviates neck pain, muscle sprains, etc. A recent study proves the fact that you can solve your lower back issues by just chewing the white willow bark.

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